10 Best Marketing Blogs Today

If you want to be a better marketer, you can start by learning from the best in the business. Many of the world’s top marketing gurus offer free advice on their blogs, the best marketing blogs in the business. In addition, many other marketing blogs are collectives of great marketing ideas submitted by marketing experts from around the world. You can become a better marketer today simply by reading the following 10 marketing blogs.

Unmarketing. The best marketing blogs

1. Content Verve

Content is king, an adage every marketer knows. Great content drives traffic, engages customers and motivates action. Content Verve is a blog that covers the art and science of creating great content.

2. B2B Marketing Insider

If you run a B2B business, you don’t want to miss the insight offered by Michael Brenner and Co., which focuses on the social aspects of business. Read: customer relationships.

3. Social Triggers

You know social media can play a major role in your online marketing success, but do you know the triggers that actually motivate conversions? Social Triggers is devoted to helping you earn greater response via your social marketing efforts.

4. Online Behavior

The psychology of buying is what fuels profits, and having a great grasp on what makes customers tick (and open their wallets) is critical to your success.

5. Danny Brown

Regarded as one of the foremost experts on social media, marketing and influence, Danny Brown’s blog lets you glean the kind of profound insight that forces paradigm shifts and results in greater marketing efficiency.

6. UNmarketing

Sometimes, marketing isn’t about marketing at all. Confused? Just read this blog by Scott Stratten, considered the most influential Twitter user in the world.
UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging 

    7. Bryan Eisenberg

    The online marketing pioneer shares his expertise and inspiration with you so you can emulate the strategies he has used to earn respect as one of the greatest marketers of our time.

    8. Get Elastic

    If you’re own an ecommerce site, you should join the millions of others who read the Get Elastic blog . It’s one of the most subscribed-to ecommerce blog in the world.

    9. Occam’s Razor

    This blog is dedicated to simplified thinking. Not simple thinking, but simplifying processes so you can streamline a more efficient, more profitable, less time-consuming marketing strategy.

    10. Get Response

    Specifically for email marketers, the Get Response blog shows you how to write emails that spark action and convert sales. A must-read for email marketing.

    What’s your favorite marketing blog? Do you think we’ve nailed the list of best marketing blogs?

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