10 Essential Must Use Apps For Every Business Woman

Hundreds of thousands of apps are downloaded daily and as more people chose smart phones that number will only grow. The best part is, it’s not all Words With Friends and Angry Birds. Here are the top ten apps for women small business owners.

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You’ve set up your company Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram account, Google+ profile and a Youtube channel (or maybe the intern did it for you?). No savvy business owner monitors these individually – download Hootsuite, enter your login information for each social media platform and manage them all from the one, centralised app. You can respond to people contacting you through individual platforms, post out to one or more platforms at once and schedule posts well into the future. Cost: Hootsuite, free; Hootsuite Pro, $8.99/month.


TripIt describe themselves as “automagical”. It`s pretty self explanatory: automatic itineraries so easy it seems like magic. Forward your travel confirmation emails to TripIt and the app will collage a handy file for each trip’s itinerary and it will keep itself up to date – so if the flight is delayed or the gate changed, TripIt will let you know. If your business takes you away from home a lot it`s definitely worth investing in the Pro version. Cost: TripIt, free; TripIt Pro, $49/year.


Intuitively designed accounting software that works just as well from your desktop, tablet or phone. Xero means having instant access to your business’ financial information from wherever you are and gives you the ability to share the numbers with your accountant and management team so everyone stays on the same page. Can be linked with payment apps (for example, PayPal) and is easily scalable as your business grows. Cost: free trial available, thereafter $19-39/month.


This app is cementing its place as the filing cabinet of the 21st Century. You can access Dropbox anywhere, anytime from your computer, phone (iOS and Android), tablet or just through a web browser on any public computer. Use it to store photos and videos as well as business documents and edit while you`re on the move. Files you save to Dropbox are private and the only way for others to see your files is if you share them. Cost: 2GB of space, free; Pro plans start at $9.99/month; Business plans start from $795/year for 5 users with 1TB of storage space.

Loan Calculator

Chances are if you’ve opened a business you’ve poured your savings into setting up the company. In most cases it takes years to see a return on this kind of investment so when it’s time to start considering something like a car loan (whether for yourself or one of the kids) this is a great app to have on hand – the Loan Calculator it will tell you what your monthly repayments will be instantly. Cost: free.


In concept this is a more localised, meeting-centric version of TripIt. Enter the details of your meetings and their locations and the app will remind you what you need to prepare and when it`s time to leave. Great to have if you’re the person who is juggling so many things you feel like you’re always trying to catch up. Cost: free.


If you`re the kind of person who’s constantly making voice-recorded notes to yourself but you never get around to listening to them and writing them down, this is the app for you. Save, edit, organise and share voice recordings, photos and written notes. Cost: free.


Do the environment a favour and download this app. The premise is pretty simple – you have an electronic “vCard” with your details saved in the app and you can exchange with another person by bumping smartphones together. A good conversation starter at networking events and a useful tool if you ever run into someone you’d love to have on your team. Cost: free.


Your one-stop shop for news and current affairs. Tell Feedly your favourite publications and sites and it will aggregate the stories for you in bite-sized chunks that are easy to scroll through. The app is compatible with most devices so you can sync on the go and and pick up on your desktop where you left off on your phone. There`s an easy share feature which means you can easy post relevant industry-related stories to your social media pages. Cost: Feedly, free; Feedly Pro, $5/month.


This app is priceless when it comes to project management and similar tasks where a group of people are working towards one goal. Login and create/contribute to separate projects, keep track of productivity and monitor expected completion dates. People in your team will be on the same page and all the work will be in the same place. Particularly useful if any of your team work remotely. Cost: up to 15 team members, free; larger teams from $50/month.

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