The 101 on the World’s Billionaires – An Infographic

The 2013 Forbes Billionaires Index noted that there were 1,426 Billionaires in the world. That is 200 more than in the previous year. With a combined worth of $5.4 Trillion Dollars and 17% of them increasing their worth in the same year, it is safe to say that the wealthy are getting wealthier.

Interestingly 60% of them are self-made, 86% are married and on average they own at least 4 homes. 87% are male, although in 2013 one woman did make the ‘Top Ten List of Billionaires.’

This infographic profiles the ‘Top Ten Billionaires’, from who they are, what age they are and the source of their wealth, to how much they are worth and where they are from. While these 1,425 select few live in 64 countries across the globe, the USA still retains the top choice for residency hosting 442 Billionaires, with China coming in second with 122 and Russia at 110.

Investments take the top spot for industries that Billionaires make their money in, with fashion and retail a very close second and rising steadily. We profile the ‘Top Ten Billionaires Industries’ where money is made the most.

The phenomenal rise of social media giant ‘Facebook’ has led to 3 of our ‘30 And Under, The 5 Youngest Billionaires’ where we profile who they are, their relationship to each other and even some quirky facts about them.

Liliane Bettencourt, Heiress to cosmetic powerhouse L’Oreal is the only woman on the ‘Top Ten Billionaires’ list but we look to ‘6 Of The World’s Wealthiest Women’ and their good fortune. This infographic also profiles ‘4 Notable Newcomers’ whose star is on the rise and interestingly all work in the fashion and retail space, highlighting again how this is one of the biggest industries to make serious financial strides if done well, as these people have done.


The 101 on the World’s Billionaires - An Infographic
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