1/3 of Americans Yell at Their Computers

Whether it was a software glitch, the blue screen of death or a dysfunctional mouse, every small business owner has run into their fair share of computer problems. Unfortunately not everyone can handle the stresses of dealing with malfunctioning technology. In a recent study conducted by Harris Interactive, 33% of all Americans respond to their computer problems with yelling, cursing and even violence.Stay calm

It’s no surprise that we have grown attached to our tech gadgets. As the world has integrated technology into our everyday lives, it can be frustrating when it does work as it is supposed to. Out of those surveyed, 65% said their computer problems have left them frustrated. 10% said they feel angry, another 10% felt helpless, and 4% said they felt victimized. We all expect our technology to work as advertised.

So what should you do if you have computer problems? Here are a few suggestions from the anger management professionals at the Mayo Clinic :

Take a Time Out

Sometimes the best solution is walking away from the problem. If you find yourself looking for the nearest blunt object to show your failing computer who’s the boss, get up and walk away. If you can’t leave your desk, take a deep breath, count to 10 and then count back to 1. That is often enough time to calm your frustrations and allow your logical thinking to return.

Get Some Exercise

Nothing calms your nerves like a good workout. Even taking a walk can dissipate your temper and return you to a productive state. This may be the reason the Google complex in California has a gym for their employees to use at their convenience. The release of chemicals caused by exercise can leave you feeling happier, calmer, and healthier.

1/3 of Americans Yell at Their Computers

Start Problem Solving

They say lashing out doesn’t solve anything, and they are right. However, if you immediately start looking for a solution, your focus will be redirected and you will find yourself calm. Concentrating on the fact that your computer has failed is less productive than determining why it failed and how you can solve the problem.

Don’t Hold a Grudge

There are many who believe you receive what you put out. If you believe your computer is going to fail just because it had in the past, it may just do that. Worse than that you will actually be more upset if you harbor the anger of past crashes when it crashes again. Let go of each computer crash and treat every new instance as the first time. The small amount of anger will help keep you calmer than hashing out old feelings.

Know When to Seek Help

Regardless of what you may see advertised, there is nobody who knows everything about computers. Whether it’s a software crash or a full system failure, know when to call for help. You can get more frustrated and angry if you are battling a problem you don’t know about. Get ahold of a tech to help and let them deal with the frustrations.

The same way your car may break down, your technology can break or fail. This is an expectation you should be prepared for when purchasing your gadgets. Nothing lasts forever and life is full of speed bumps. If you can realize this early, you have a better chance of keeping a grip on your temper and eliminating human on PC violence that may happen in the future.

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