20 Questions Your Business Should Ask When Selecting an IT Support Provider [Infographic]

At The PC Support Group, we manage IT for hundreds of businesses and one thing that we regularly come across are small business owners and managers who are frustrated that they don’t understand IT and so feel incapable of choosing a good IT support provider.

We often hear that they have been “blinded with science” and don’t know what to believe. Most have also had bad experiences with previous IT support providers too.

Of course there are no guarantees of a great service but there are some basic, non-technical, questions that any business should ask an IT support supplier before engaging them in order to improve the chances that they will perform.

This infographic shows 20 great questions every small business should ask an IT support company when selecting a new support provider.

About Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood is a representative of The PC Support Group - an award-winning IT Support Company whose services are available across a number of locations in the UK. You can catch Matthew on Google+.