3 Essential (but Lesser-Known) SEO Tips

SEO (search engine optimization) is still a relatively new field.

3 Essential (but Lesser-Known) SEO Tips

With new business understanding that their internet presence is just as (if not more) important than their product, SEO has become the new gold rush – businesses clamoring to learn everything they can about how to get to the top of the Google mountain. But like any surge in demand, there is a rush of suppliers that have come out of the woodwork to help you achieve better SEO. The problem is that nobody knows for certain how to rank higher. Google has taught us a few lessons over the years about what not to do, but their algorithms are very much a secret. To further complicate the matter, most search engines update their algorithms every quarter! So how can a small business stay ahead of the game?

By now, you should know the basics of SEO: link building, social media presence, and keyword-rich content. But here are some lesser-known SEO tips that will definitely put you ahead of the rest.

1. Good Content Trumps All – It doesn’t matter how many keywords or key phrases you have packed into an article. If the article stinks, you lose. Just try to write good, compelling, original content. Figure out the keywords later if you have to. Both consumers and search engine bots these days can sniff out a phony article from miles away.

2. Stop Linking to Bad Websites – I see this time and time again. Small businesses take the term “link building” to such an extreme that they end up linking to disreputable sites like content farms. When you link to bad websites (i.e. websites with a very low ranking, websites that look strange or outdated, etc.) you rope yourself to them. If Google decides one day that they’re going to downgrade that bad website, you go with it! So please, when you’re doing link building, only find quality sites that make sense for you to link, and be linked, to.

3. Keep Your Brand Consistent – It’s best to have a unified voice across your brand. It doesn’t matter whether your voice is friendly, professional, austere, or outrageous. Brand consistency in an age of online writing is key. The reason this tip doesn’t usually come up when talking about SEO is because this is the future of SEO. Just like how we no longer use white on white (white words on a white background) to hide keywords, the search engine bots will soon be looking for brand consistency in order to weed out disjointed websites. This is more of a prediction than it is a fact, but it’s a good practice to have in place anyway.

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