3 Surveillance Solutions for your Small Business

securityOne of the most important aspects of any business is security. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is one of the foremost responsibilities of the business owner. He/She must take every effort to make sure that the security and safety of the business can be as close to being unimpeachable as possible. In order to accomplish that, the business owner has to make sure that he or she has all ends covered as far as security is concerned and the persons who are in charge of security are kept in the loop regarding all developments. Since time immemorial, shops or workshops have been under a constant risk of being compromised due to different sorts of security issues in spite of the security arrangements in place.

In this present day, when the sabotage of business establishments are becoming more and more sophisticated, it is necessary that the security arrangements are also as well fortified as can be. In this regard it can be said that the most important aspect of the security arrangements at any business is the presence of surveillance solutions.  The business owner and security people should always be in the about the events which are taking place at different parts of the office. Surveillance camera has become the most important aspect of the security arrangements of all business establishments over the past decade or so and it is no wonder that they have gone from strength to strength as regards their importance.

Over the past decades, technology has advanced, which has meant newer and better surveillance techniques have hit the market and the most effective of these new techniques has been surveillance cameras.

Here are some ways you could protect you small business

1. Cover all entry points
If you have multiple entry points into your establishment, mount cameras on all of them and connect them to the desk of your security officer. If your business is in a unsavory location, it might be a good idea to mount a few dummy cameras and keep the real camera well hidden. This way, you are allowing the vagrant to think he has killed your surveillance system. At the back end, build servers that can record for a week or more and transfer to DVD, Blue-Rays disks that can be archived.

2. Cover Stock rooms
This is very important and will be particularly useful when you have mismatch in stock audits. Having cameras in all parts of the stock room and recording what is happening there will act as a strong deterrent. Though you may not need to keep entry point videos for a long time, stock room surveillance videos may need to be kept for some time till the audit is complete.

3. Cover Employee Work Areas
Though this may sound distasteful to many, many times, particularly if you have a workforce of mixed sexes, this has become quite useful and necessary. Unfortunately people get into all kinds of situations, and having video evidence is the ultimate tool when you have to deal with a complaint or an inquiry.

Surveillance systems are the backbone of the security system. However, the most important thing about a surveillance system is that it can see in areas where the security personnel might not be able to. For instance, if a thief enters a shop through the rear window then it might not be possible for the guard at the front door to notice it but if there is a surveillance camera in place then it would be a different story altogether. Similarly you cannot keep an eye on all employees all the time. Surveillance systems act as a third eye for you.

About Liam Reed

Liam Reed is a senior security officer and has consulted and worked with many organisations around the world. He keeps abreast of the latest technologies in the world of surveillance.