3 Ways Going Green Can Help Your Small Business

A growing number of businesses around the world are “going green” and implementing specific practices in their day-to-day operations to limit their impact on the environment. And this is a good thing. Everybody needs to be doing their part by the environment, especially those entities (e.g., businesses from the very small to very large) that consume lots of resources. If you own a business, or are a part of a team that`s committed to an eco-friendly working environment, then read on. Here are 3 ways going green can save you money, and help your business grow.

1. Save money on energy bills and maintenance

Running your business in a way that reduces your impact on the environment need not necessarily cost you money. In fact, by thinking green and making smart decisions, it can actually save you money. For example, by switching over to fluorescent light bulbs (instead of the incandescent variety) your business can save tons of money at the end of each billing cycle. These light bulbs, although initially slightly more expensive, actually last around 10 times longer than the traditional type, and use far less electricity. Making this switch is an easy, and quick way to save money, and an excellent first step towards becoming the green company you hope to be. Also consider replacing your office appliances with more energy efficient models. Look for the “Energy Star” label on appliances and save even more on your energy costs.

2. Stop your wastage and spend less on office materials

With the ease and convenience of email and instant messaging for office communication, we really don`t need to be using as much paper as we currently do. Make it office practice to use both sides of paper when printing, and commit to using scrap paper as much as possible for those times when you really need to scribble something down. Also, be strict on recycling in the workplace, and ensure that everyone knows where paper to be recycled should be stored. By recycling and reusing paper as much as possible, businesses can save money on material costs. And over the long run this can have a significant positive impact on your business`s bottom line. You may also want to look at Joinlox, who produce Cratelox – a reusable and customisable logistical packaging solution that can be used over and over again. Not only will using this product save you money on your packaging costs, but you`ll also be limiting your business`s impact on the environment by steering clear of using paper-based packaging.

3. Appeal to a growing “eco-conscious” market

For a growing community of people, whether or not a given company is green or not is now an important consideration in the decision making process. Environmental consciousness around the world is growing, and more and more consumers are demanding green products and services. This market is only set to grow in the coming years as the impact of climate change continues to be a matter of public debate. By embracing green practices and limiting your wastage today, you can appeal to a market that would otherwise over look you. And tapping into this growing market will allow your business to grow over the long-term.

As more and more businesses adopt the “green is best” philosophy, and concern over the environment spreads throughout even more of the world, it`s only a matter of time before all businesses will need to change the way they do business. Being a sustainable company really is the way of the future. If your business hasn`t already committed itself to doing its part by the environment, get on board today. By going green now, not only can you beat your competition to the punch, and solidify your reputation early as a company that respects the environment, but you can also reap massive savings and experience real growth along the way.

About Maya Berry

Maya Berry is a small business woman who is deeply concerned about the environment. She runs her small business eco-consciously and she is always looking for ways to help out the planet as much as she helps her customers. And gives her best effort to expand this trend to other businesses.