3 Ways to Improve Mission-Critical Sales Metrics for Small Business

Evaluating the current success of any online small business can be very straightforward when you’re using analytical tools to gauge progress based on a consistent set of metrics. small business metricsOn the other hand, when you don’t have a ruler with which to measure your achievements, it can be difficult to know where to focus your efforts first. Thus, it has become imperative for internet entrepreneurs of all kinds to become familiar with essential marketing metrics such as conversion rates, page visit times, customer retention rate, click through rates, and other key statistics related to advertising and sales efficiency. With that said, here are three things every online business should be doing to improve the most pivotal metrics:

1. Specialized Sales Promotions

Of course, conversion rate is, by far, the most mission-critical stat that one can use to judge a page’s ability to have prospects perform a desired action (i.e. – buying a product or signing up for a newsletter). Raising the conversion rate is a primary goal in any marketing campaign and the best way to increase conversions is to invest in better sales promotions. By putting your products/services and landing pages in front of a targeted audience and making data-based adjustments, you can increase conversion rates and a number of similar metrics in a matter of weeks.

2. Metrics-Driven Web Design

Promoting pages is just one side of the equation, as the overall design of the site has to be on par with what a visitor would expect to see from a legitimate business. Portraying professionalism is extremely important when you’re trying to improve the success of a website, as the aesthetics and functionality are the two features that users will judge the most. You can learn a lot by identifying your weakest performing pages and using split A/B testing, along with competitive analysis to gradually work towards the finished product you had envisioned.

3. Diverse Content Distribution

Increasing the conversion rate can only do so much when you’re not getting a lot of traffic to begin with, and the best way to bring people in from other sites is by distributing sponsored content on related sites. By becoming a guest author and publishing informative and/or entertaining posts on relevant blogs, you’ll be creating positive brand awareness and establishing your company with a strong web presence. Hiring professional writers and content distribution specialists is one way to speed up and enhance this process for optimal results.

The Importance of Results-Based Planning

There are literally dozens of different ways to improve a website’s ability to convert, and there’s no limit to the amount of ways an entrepreneur can promote their business either. However, instead of randomly prioritizing tasks, it’s best to take a structured approach to marketing so that you’re always basing your efforts on the guidance of solid analysis. In closing, operating based on metrics and results is not only good for your current business endeavour, it also helps you keep a track record of performance, which can be useful for bolstering your portfolio/resume later on.


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