4 Blog Monetization Methods You Can Implement Today

According to WordPress there are more than 69 million blogs online worldwide and more being launched each and every day. Over 355 million people view more than 11.3 billion pages each and every month. These are impressive stats that illustrate the power of blogging and the opportunities that exist to make money from blogs. Whether you are a beginner in blogging looking to earn more or an expert searching for additional income, here are the four best blog monetization methods that you can implement today.

The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You about Making Money with Adsense

The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You about Making Money with Adsense

1. Promote Products as an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is still the premier way to make money online by promoting various products that are related to your niche and earning a commission for every sale. There are affiliate programs in virtually each and every market. You can do that in 4 easy steps:  

  • Create excellent, captivating and to the point articles that show genuine interest in helping readers. This can make for a popular blog that gets traffic that often converts to sales.
  • Add affiliate links to keywords in articles, people who come from search engines convert well.
  • Add banners to your sidebar, but don’t over do it.
  • Become an expert in your niche and when you do product reviews people will buy.
  • Create a newsletter list and send emails – Creating a list of subscribers to whom you can recommend products is one of the best ways to use affiliate marketing in blogging. Don’t spam your list, this is one of the best ways to lose trust and subscribers. Be helpful as much as, if not more, than just sending one offer after another.

2. Google AdSense

This is a program provided by Google that allows bloggers and other publishers to get paid per click on text and rich media ads provided the Google Adsense program that they serve on their sites. It uses several factors, such as geographical locations, frequent search queries and website content. Each website visit automatically determines Google’s servers to fetch content to display. Ads are based on the keywords and content of the particular page on which they are placed so they are highly targeted. There is also an option in Adsense to make ads relevant as per the recent searches made by the user who is visiting the page, this is really great for conversion of clicks. The great thing about this type of monetization model is that you get paid per click, not for a sale, so the opportunity to make money is easier and quicker. Although it has its flaws, this program can generate significant revenue for any blogger. Also, there are various other programs that offer this type of program, Chitika is one that has seen a huge surge in popularity in the recent years.

3. Selling Ad Space

Selling add space online is the same as doing it in real life: it will take a while until you find someone willing to buy it, for the price you ask, especially in the beginning. Just like companies place their billboards in central areas, for everyone to see them, website owners want their ads on high traffic sites, for the same reason. The first step to sell ad space is to let everyone know that you are selling. Place an “Advertise here” sign on your main page, make sure that it is clearly visible, and have your numbers ready: how many visitors do you get, how many do you estimate to get in the near future, how much traffic the advertiser will get and how much it is going to cost. Choose your clients wisely and do not sell too much space either, as most advertisers are looking for exclusivity. Buy Sell Ads is a website that brings publishers and advertisers together for this purpose, they have a high following and if your blog has decent traffic you can easily sell your ad space through them and get a large amount of exposure to your ad space.

4. Sell Your Own Product

If you want to run your own blog and make money with it, then selling your own product, such as an ebook, some kind of software or membership services is a great idea. No matter what product you have it’s important again to make sure that it works correctly, has accurate and helpful information and if it’s a membership site that you will offer something of real value that is worth the monthly cost. Once you have your product or service it can take some time to spread the word so please be patient. Use social media, related forums and all your list contacts to spread the word. Remember that if the product is top notch word will spread quickly, but it can spread just as fast or faster if your product is not what it should be.

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