4 Effective Offline Marketing Techniques for Your Business

A lot of emphasis is put on online marketing these days. So much emphasis is put on it infact, that it’s hard for smaller business owners to find any information on offline marketing techniques 4 Effective Offline Marketing Techniques for Your Businessthat can help to promote their business. Of course you shouldn’t choose either offline or online to promote your business; both routes should be used in harmony in order for a business to be successful. For example, social media is a huge online marketing channel and should be used by businesses no matter their size to connect with people, run competitions, get valuable feedback about their service, and provide excellent customer service. However, that doesn’t mean that offline marketing should be ignored. Here, we have 4 effective offline marketing techniques that all business should try:


Networking is a great way to meet people who could really use your product. There are plenty of people out there who are eager to buy your product/service, except you just need to get it somewhere they can see it. There are even people out there who are willing to help you to promote your product/service to people who will want to buy it from you. To network effectively, try to concentrate on TV and radio personalities, marketing experts, bloggers and social media celebrities, business owners who sell products that could work well with yours. Although we’re concentrating on offline, LinkedIn is a great social media channel for networking online!

Business Cards

Business cards might seem a little old school, but they can work if you use them properly. You can find plenty of reasonably priced services to create your cards for you, just make sure that you make your cards as unique as possible to help people to remember you. You can then hand your cards out to anybody you think could use one – you can even leave them in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and in books related to your industry in the library!

Vehicle Signs

Turn your vehicle into a fulltime advertisement by paying a one off fee – have a vehicle sign created! You won’t have to pay to rent a space or billboard to keep your advertisement, and many more people will see it than if it was just staying in one place. You could get customers while you’re doing your weekly food shop, at the hairdressers, or even while you’re stuck in traffic. A company like www.ivcsigns.co.uk can do this for you!

Give Out Free Stuff

Free stuff is a great way to get people interested in you and talking about you. Send lunch to a group of people in your target market. If the younger generation are your target market, send an ice cream van to your local university to give the students a treat. Give branded umbrellas out on a rainy day. Give branded handheld fans out on a hot day. The only limit is your imagination! Who is your target market, and what would they benefit from?

Offline marketing is as equally as important as online marketing, so use them both in harmony to create a successful marketing campaign with amazing results!

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