4 Innovative Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Small Business Website

One of the most vital aspects to a healthy small business is a steady stream of traffic to your website. If you’re not generatingDrive website traffic good leads and engaging with your customers on a regular basis you’re walking a tightrope that could end in disaster. Without a lively website and the traffic to support it any business –– no matter how well run it is –– could see their profits go down. What’s more, the competition for clicks has never been fiercer than it is today. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to ensure that you maintain a healthy amount of visits to your website, and increase the number of clicks you get with these four innovative tips:

Focus on the Bold

The headline is the most important aspect of an ad, blog article, web story, or anything written online. Staggering, right? It’s true though. Most people only catch the headline of something you’ve written, so you’ve got to make sure that the headline is catchy, memorable, and most-of-all, concise. A sprawling, unintelligible header lacking in an active verb will give your audience the perfect excuse to ignore your link.

Blog Like the Wind

It’s just so important to perpetuate good content on your site, and one of the best ways to do that is to blog. But make sure that your blog isn’t standard-fare in your industry. Gussy it up with sound web design around it. And invite professionals in your field to write guest pieces for your website. And make sure never to lag with your content. No matter if you write a blog for a Fortune 500 company, or a small business, a blog can do wonders for your business website.

Play Archaeologist

Assuming you’ve been maintaining a solid blog for some time, you should have a host of good work that you’ve accrued over the months and years. And once you’re finished writing a blog post you’re work is done, right? Wrong. Go back to some of your most successful blog posts and update them based on the keywords you value. For example: say you’ve written a blog some months ago and you want to revamp it. You can go back to the page and identify keywords you want to optimize. This time though, you can give attention to certain words or phrases that might’ve been overlooked the first time. This is a fantastic, and simple, way to boost your online presence and increase your “clickability” across the web.

Never Stop Learning

Chances are, you already have the information you need to improve your web traffic: it’s in the data you receive when you market yourself online or create a website in the first place. Digging through the analysis to identify the important metrics to you and your brand might not sound like glamorous work, but it’s vital if you’re going to ensure your website gets the clicks you want. Figure out what’s working and what isn’t, and make sure to target the “right” audience to your company. If your company manufactures scientific instruments, and you want to reach potential customers about a new type of serum separator blood tube, you want to make sure you’re marketing yourself in places where medical professionals are likely to see it.

The Bottom Line

If you want to increase traffic on your website –– like anything else in life it’s going to require hard work. And with more companies placing a premium on their digital media, it’s never been more difficult to stand out from the pack. However, remember that your work in this area is critical to the success of your company, and that the dividends will be worth the struggle in the long run.

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