4 Ninja-Like Cost Cutting Strategies for Launching a Small Business

In the last few years, the business world has changed dramatically, so much so that even a home-based business venture can leverage processes and non-traditional business structures once reserved for large corporations. Thanks to advancements in mobile technology, there are now many more ways savvy entrepreneurs can cut costs and promote a more sustainable workplace at the same time.

4 Ninja-Like Cost Cutting Strategies for Launching a Small Business

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Consider deferring the Merchant Services decision

Many businesses are finding value in merchant service accounts which offer fast and easy solutions for using your phone to accept online checks as well as credit and debit cards on the go. We all know the familiar brands like intuit gopayment, Square and PayPal lead the pack when it comes to mobile payments, however; there are many other alternative payment systems available that offer just as much flexibility when it comes to closing business transactions on the go.

Launch business applications to the Cloud

Cloud technology is turning out to be another great way that entrepreneurs are using to cut overhead costs and be more environmentally friendly with their business models. It has been reported on several occasions that a typical office worker goes through approximately 10,000 sheets of paper a year; that’s a lot of paper! However, by going paperless in the cloud you can drastically cut large amounts of energy and resources your office menu, reduce errors, and makes it easier to respond to customer requests from a remote location.

Not only that, the increasing trend of businesses using Cloud technology’s platform for providing Software as a Service (SaaS) to run their business applications is significantly diminishing the environmental footprint many industries have established over the years due to the reduced need for maintaining in-house IT services and data storage capabilities; effectively producing less carbon than their competitors that are running the same applications on site.

Recycle, recycle, and recycle

Another effective way to cut startup costs and save money is by reducing the amount of office supplies they go through every month. Purchasing recycled office supplies and developing a use them less and reuse them more policy will improve your business’ bottom line over time. Many commonly used office supplies like folders binders pens, paper clips and the like can be used over and over again and organizing a strategy is not as complicated as you may think.

Take advantage of VOIP

VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol was, for a long time, primarily used by consumers as a way to slash their phone bills because they are less expensive to maintain when compared to traditional phone lines. VOIP is basically just a group of technologies that allow for free video and voice communications over the internet by circumventing the voice carrier networks across much of the calls distance.

Due to the effect it has on the bottom line, businesses both large and small are quickly migrating most of their business communications to second and third generation voice over IP platforms such as Skype and Google Talk.


Above are only a few examples of what savvy entrepreneurs can do to ease the financial strain of starting a business. While some may initially require a financial investment, they will increase the productivity and flexibility of your business over the long-term while at the same time paying for themselves in short order.

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