4 Reasons Why Every Small Business Owner Should Consider Hiring an MBA

It is estimated that business degrees account for a quarter of all master’s degrees awarded in the U.S. MBAs are MBAconsidered to be a valuable academic qualification in today’s overly competitive job market, and holders of a master’s in business administration degree are in high demand. In 2016, an overwhelming 88% of companies expressed a desire to hire MBA graduates. For young startups and small businesses, hiring an MBA graduate can be highly beneficial. The three main benefit of hiring such a graduate are:

Bring a Diverse Set of Skills
Individuals interested in applying for an online MBA degree or a normal class-based program must possess extensive knowledge and experience, as well as prior qualifications. Thus, MBA graduates boast a diverse skill set that is necessary for business operations.

Additionally, the MBA program equips graduates with key skills necessary in the world of business. This applies for both the regular program as well as the masters in business administration online program. Therefore, MBA graduates are highly motivated and innovative thinkers capable of dealing with the myriad challenges that small businesses face. Additionally, due to the nature of the MBA program, graduates are able to work autonomously.

Work Well Under Pressure
MBA graduates work well under pressure. There are several reasons why online MBA degree students in particular perform exceptionally well under pressure. However, the main one is the fact that most students have to juggle between work and the online MBA program. For instance, many MBA students at the New Jersey Institute of Technology complete their studies while they work. Thus, the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s online MBA program produces graduates who are able to work under pressure.

Have a Holistic Understanding of Business
MBA graduates can handle a wide array of business-related tasks thanks to the holistic approach of MBA programs. Ordinarily, an MBA student will cover different topics ranging from corporate governance, human resources, finance, strategic operations issues, leadership, and management. Therefore, MBA graduates have a holistic understanding of how businesses operate and are well versed with all aspects of a business. For small businesses, this is of great importance as it is instrumental in the decision making process. Moreover, MBA graduates understand different leadership roles.

Beneficial in Research Analysis and Marketing
Most small businesses are owned and operated by small groups of people who specialize in different fields. More often than not, small businesses concentrate more on the production of high quality and innovative products or services at the expense of marketing and market research. Hiring an MBA graduate helps a small business bridge this gap and gain valuable insight into its market, as well as market its products or services in a professional and efficient manner.

Small businesses have massive growth potential. However, not all small businesses reach their true potential. The number one reason for this is lack of a diversified staff. Thus, it is in the best interests of any small business to hire an MBA graduate. Such a graduate will be of undeniable value to the business. In conclusion, MBA graduates are considered to be people of high academic standing and thus find it easy making networks. To small businesses these networks can be of great value.

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