4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Website Needs to Improve


Let us say you now have a solid digital marketing strategy. You have social media accounts you constantly use, a significant number of likes, and people leaving reviews. You even made certain company information public by putting it up on registries like the ASIC search in Australia for full transparency. But with how long you have been a company and the number of ads you have up and running, you just cannot seem to rake in more people to visit your website to go through your conversion process.

Then you did a little research and found out that blogging might help boost your visibility on the Internet. So you write, and write for months on end. But you are not getting the shares, likes, and comments you have expected to come out of it. In fact, your analytics tells you that your audience number has plateaued. What did you think you did wrong?

Well, your blog must have been tedious to read. Here we list down how to know your blog is becoming a bit boring.

You do not spend much time writing your headlines

A lot can be said about posts with clickbait articles, but if there is one thing they can do that your articles cannot; they get clicked and read. But that does not mean you should make sleazy titles just to get clicks, it just has to be seductive.

Your titles can include a specific benefit readers can get from clicking the link. Use words that evoke an emotional reaction. And if you can, start your articles with a number, especially if it has a mind-blowing statistic or a listicle.

The best way to master is to study other blogs with quite a number of readers and craft a headline template that works for you.

You keep talking about your business

The thing is, nobody is interested in your company. Not in your product or service, and definitely not the reason why you started your company in the first place. You know why? Because that is information that has no benefit for them.

Always write content that will benefit your audience. Tell them what is in it for them. Relay to them how you can take their problems away and how you will be able to make life easier.

A business blog is not just about selling, it is about retaining your customers and building a relationship with them.

You only write for SEO purposes

At one point, writing solely for algorithm’s sake is going hurt your business. Yes, you have done all the best practices to rank on search engines, but your writing is completely made dull.

Remember that bots do not read your content, people do. So write for people. You can optimise it later.

Your website design is a bit sleazy

You know what they say: first impressions last. Always invest in a good website design because good content is useless if your design turns people away.

These are some of the most important things you need to remember when making content for your audience. It is not just about selling and getting shares; it is also about quality content that will benefit them for a long time.

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