4 Small Business Tips to Create Engaging Marketing Videos

Trying to create engaging marketing videos for small businesses can be tough, and you probably don’t exactly have a large budget to hire a professional. videos for small businessThe good news is that engaging marketing videos don’t have to cost a lot – all they require is the right approach.

If you want to start creating videos that have a bigger impact on viewers and drive them to action, here are a few tips:

  • Keep each video short and direct

Every marketing video that you create should be short and direct. Don’t beat around the push or try to shove multiple messages into your video, but instead focus on one message per video.

Basically the shorter your video is, the more viewers it will be able to retain to the end – which is a crucial aspect of engagement. Admittedly the optimal video length can vary based on several factors, but as a general rule you should try to create marketing videos that are about 60 seconds or less.

  • Add a strong hook to the first few seconds

Don’t open your video with a long and drawn-out introduction. The first 5 to 8 seconds is when many viewers will decide whether they want to continue to watch your video or not, so you need to use that time to convince them to stay.

By placing a strong hook in the first few seconds of your video, you stand the best chance of making that happen. Try to let viewers know what your video is about, and how it will help them so that they feel compelled to watch more.

  • Use storytelling elements to provoke an emotional reaction

Emotions are a key element in marketing videos, as they are what drives viewers to take action. On top of that they are also the reason why some marketing videos are much more engaging than others, and viewers are more likely to share your videos if it provokes an emotional reaction.

One of the best ways to trigger an emotional reaction is by using storytelling elements. Structure your marketing videos as a story and viewers will be more likely to feel emotionally invested in its outcome. That in turn will allow you to trigger emotions such as surprise, humor, awe, inspiration, and more.

  • Don’t try to hard sell

Trying to hard sell in your marketing videos rarely ever works, and the more aggressive you are the more you’re likely to alienate viewers and ruin your video’s engagement. Instead you should always go for a softer approach and convince users that they want to buy a product or service by showing them how it could benefit them.

At the end of the day you should always be wary of how ‘hard’ your pitch really is, and if it seems to be borderline then it is probably too hard.

By this point you should see that how you structure your marketing videos is far more important than how it is recorded or created. For example you could even save YouTube videos using Movavi Screen Recorder and create compilation videos under the terms of fair use. If you structure it right it can be just as engaging as any marketing video.

The one thing that you should definitely do is track the performance of each and every marketing video that you publish. That data can act as a yardstick that you can use to evaluate and analyze your marketing videos to figure out how to improve other marketing videos down the line.

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