4 Small Businesses that Require an Occupational Therapy Degree

If you are looking to build a small business around occupational therapy or already have your degree, there are many specialties that you can advance in, based on your interests and skills. small business occupational therapyWhile studying you will more than likely find an age bracket or practice you enjoy working with best. Below are a few you may come across.


If you love working with children and young people, you may want to open a small business pediatric occupational therapy practice. You may work with children who have been in an accident or have a disability which means they need help in daily tasks that other children take for granted. This can be an extremely hard but rewarding career, and you can help the children of our future to live a happy and healthy life at home. You can help promote children to be as independent as they can be with the equipment you can help provide for children and their families. If you still need to get your occupational therapy degree, check out the best occupational therapy schools.

Feeding, Eating, and Swallowing

This is a very specialized occupation therapy small business and focuses on the comprehensive management of feeding, eating and swallowing. Within this you can work with people throughout the life span, from children who are born with feeding problems to the elderly who may have forgotten how to eat for many reasons including strokes or heart attacks. We take being able to eat and drink for granted daily and for someone who has lost this, it can be incredibly hard and frustrating. If you have an interest in nutrition and the psychosocial, physical and cultural factors associated with eating including eating disorders, this is a great career path to head down.


You may enjoy working with the older generation, helping them stay safe within hospitals, their own homes and residential homes. A gerontology small business occupational therapist works with the older generation who wish to live in their own homes and may need assistance in doing so. You may work with those coping with Alzheimer’s, arthritis and dementia. This is one of the most popular fields to specialize in with an occupational therapist degree, due to the number of jobs available and the demand for gerontology occupation therapist’s will continue to grow.

Mental Health

If you enjoy working with those who have mental health problems and may need help rehabilitating after being in hospital for long periods of time, mental health occupational therapy could be the specialty you chose to pursue. You can help those with mental health problems get back into a routine and make it easier for them to look after themselves including safety and personal hygiene. This may include helping an individual to achieve success in the workplace, something they may struggle with greatly on their own.

These are just four of the specialties you may wish to pursue with your occupational health degree. Choosing a specialty that you are interested in means you will enjoy your job and your patients will get the best care they can receive.

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