4 Tips to Save on Office Supplies

With many companies becoming more and more efficient with their time and money, cutting costs has become of huge importance. Many companies are searching for ways to cut costs and prevent wasteful spending instead of splurging. Just because you are cutting costs, doesn’t mean you cant have the supplies that you need. Here are a couple ways to save money when buying office supplies, while still getting the necessary items for your small business.Save money in your small business

  1. Buy in Bulk:
    If basically everyone in the office uses the same office supplies, buy your supplies in bulk. Buying in bulk is usually a higher upfront cost, but, the cost of each individual item is lower. It is definitely cheaper than buying each item separate. If you come up with a little extra, just store it in your stock room for future use. Not only are the supplies cheaper, but, you can usually find everything you need and more in one place, whether you need small office supplies or larger office equipment. By buying your office a membership at a wholesaler like Costco or Sam’s Club, you’ll be sure to save money and time spent shopping.
  2. Buy Off-Brand Items:
    Instead of paying premium prices for brand name products, buy the generic ones. If you choose to go this route, be careful. There are some off-brand supplies that are not made the same way and aren’t worth the switch, so, make sure that the generic products that you choose aren’t cheaply made items. With that said, there are many good off-brands that provide the same quality for less money. Some manufacturers have gotten much better at making off-brand items almost exactly like the brand name ones. With products where quality really doesn’t matter like, notebooks, why not choose the off brand?
  3. Rewards:
    It seems like almost every store offers a rewards program. By shopping at the same store and being enrolled in one of those programs, you can start receiving discounts and personalized coupons for future purchases. Some companies will even send you free products once you build up to a certain number of points. Another perk to being a rewards member is that many online stores will give you free shipping. Take advantage of these programs and enjoy the benefits. If you’re going to have to buy office supplies, you might as well rack up some points so that you can get a discount in the future, right? Most companies will offer free enrollment into a rewards plan, which makes it even better!
  4. Buy Combo Supplies:
    Instead of buying a separate printer, copier and fax machine, buy a combo machine that includes all three. By combining three supplies in one you can not only save money, but, you can also save precious office space. Buying combo equipment is usually a better price and you can find it almost any office supply store. Another option is to lease equipment. By leasing, you don’t have a big upfront payment and you also have the freedom to switch to a newer machine, should one come out, at the end of your lease. Many companies that lease office machines, will also offer product support. Having someone dependable to call when something is wrong with the machine is much better than having to find a repair company.

As you can see, there are ways to cut your office supply costs without giving up the things you need. By implementing these four ideas into your buying strategy for your company’s office supplies, you’ll be able to cut costs a little at a time. It may not seem like much at first, but you’ll really be surprised at how quickly it adds up!

About Matt White

Matt White is an entrepreneur and founder of one of the leading office copier dealers in the Southeast United States. He takes pride in sharing his experience with other businesses to help them increase their productivity and bottom line.