4 Ways Big Data is Revolutionizing the World of Small Business

The use of Big Data has been revolutionizing the world of business over the past couple of years and indications are that this will continue to grow in years to come. Big Data refers to large volumes of constantly changing data Big datainvolving all kinds of statistics, which is relevant to many industries and business entities. This data is usually collected using customer surveys, as well as statistics from web browsing by consumers.

Have you ever noticed certain ads showing up when you’re online, which relate to products that you may have recently researched or even just looked at? That is the result of Big Data and is a form of advertising called re-targeting.

Let’s look at four ways that Big Data is revolutionizing the world of business.

It Provides Information for More Targeted Marketing

With the use of Big Data, businesses are now able to laser target their advertising so that it is seen by the most relevant consumers. It also allows companies to predict the kind of products that consumers may need in the future.

Individual marketing campaigns can now accurately tailor their messages to the right customers using language that will entice those customers to make a purchase. This means no more wasted time and money on advertising campaigns that do not hit their mark and produce the desired results.

It Allows Businesses to be Proactive in Their Customer Service

Utilizing Big Data, any business now knows exactly what their customers need before the customer even knows that they need a certain product. This is great for businesses that are customer service focused and will set them apart from other businesses.

Visits to the company’s website can be analyzed to actually see where the customers are clicking and therefore, what kind of information they’re looking for. With this knowledge the business could then contact the customer and provide the necessary information before the customer has even had the time or gotten around to contacting the business. Now that’s being proactive.

Of course, analyzing the data correctly is most important. That’s where professionals who have completed an online master of information degree could be engaged by the business. Small business owners could also undertake an accredited online master of information program and specialize in Data Science to help their business analyze Big Data more effectively.

It Can Help to Improve Efficiency

Companies can improve their efficiency with the help of Big Data. Analyzing Big Data can help a company to recognize constraints on their efficiency. Once these constraints are removed the company will see improvements in both performance and output.

It Helps To Reduce Costs

Using Big Data will allow businesses to accurately predict future trends. This will help greatly with forward planning in relation to how much inventory they need to have in stock. This kind of forward planning will eliminate the extra costs involved in holding inventory that is not needed in the immediate future.

In conclusion, utilizing Big Data is something every business, large or small needs to consider if they want to stay competitive in today’s marketplace, as well as into the future.



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