4 Ways to Combine Business Video, Email & Social Media to Outsell the Competition

Do your salespeople want to use video to expand lead generation via email and social media? If so, nothing stops the fast launch of a new sales and marketing initiative than the question, What is the return on the investment? Thanks to mobile technologies and the internet’s 24-7 sales cycle however, social and email has become two of the key marketing channels to connect, educate and delight the customer. To reap high returns on your video, email and social media lead gen program, you’ll need tactics to boost your video exposure and metrics to measure your campaign’s effectiveness.

4 Ways to Combine Business Video, Email & Social Media to Outsell the Competition
Consider the following statistics:

  • Marketo.com eBook, “How to How to Optimize Your Social Channels for Lead Generation” finds that one-third of global B2B buyers use social media to engage with their vendors, and 75% expect to use social media in future purchases processes.
  • Online video platform Kzoinnovations.com found that 90% of information delivered to the brain is visual and and processed 60,000 times faster than text.
  • The Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media suggested in their Q4-2011 Online Marketing Survey and Video Email Trends report that: 81% of online marketing practitioners have included business video marketing in their media mix.  88 percent of practitioners’ report that email combined with integrated video improves campaign performance, 76 percent acknowledging that video marketing via email generates high click-through rates and 72 percent believe that their prospects are more likely to buy after viewing video content sent via an email.
  • Forbes.com reports findings from Jim Keenan’s “The Social Salespeople’s” report that in 2012, 78.6% of sales people using social media to sell out performed those who were not using social media.

Ways to Promote & Measure Your Video, Email and Social Program

The key to successful video marketing is to use your videos in as many of your sales touches as possible. Here are a few ways to market your online videos and measure your success:

  1. Reference your videos at the bottom of your email communications, but avoid the obvious. Instead of writing a long blurb advertising the video at the end of the message or using the words “click here,” insist that your on-staff copywriter create a powerful call to action message to compel your prospect to click-through, view the video and complete the next step in the buyer’s journey. The video and the call to action in the email must immediately engage the prospect and help to solve his high priority-issues.
  2. Place a link to your highest converting video in your LinkedIn profile. After three to six months of testing and tracking, your marketing department should have analytical and behavioral data on your company’s top sales and marketing videos. When marketing to business prospects on this social media channel, it’s important to share new business videos, but also include links to the best money-making and prospect-closing videos on your LinkedIn profile as well.
  3. Follow up with hard-to-close prospects with a testimonial video. If you have interested prospects who are afraid to sign your contract, a little social proof may help seal the deal. Send a short success email, make a Facebook post or send a tweet highlighting your top three client’s success with your business solution to help overcome any value, price or credibility objections.
  4. Follow these metrics to measure your campaign’s ROI. To make sure your video, email and social lead generation programs pay off, your marketing department must measure four important metrics.
    1. Measure the activity level of your social media followers and email recipients after your launch each video. It is best to capture the number of sales meetings, signed contracts or request for sales proposals.
    2. Check for social influence and distribution. Social sharing is important online. Prospects who watch a helpful video are more likely to share it with others. Determine how often your video messages are liked, retweeted or reblogged.
    3. Measure responsive to your messages. Determine how many prospects moved a little further down the sales pipeline. How many days, weeks or months did it take the prospect to respond to the email or social media message and complete the sale?
    4. Have you delighted the customer? People love watching online video because it is an entertaining and quick way to solve problems. If you create a meaningful relationship with your clients or customers, the rewards will include increased brand visibility and ultimately more sales.
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