5 Creative Ways to Use Your Printer for Building Your Business

Did you know your printer is one of your business’ best assets? Think that’s a joke? It’s not. Your printer is capable of doing so many different things that can help you build your business, and while it’s at it, your printer can save you a ton of money.

5 Creative Ways to Use Your Printer for Building Your Business

Just take a look at a few of the different ways you can use your printer and the latest ink technologies to grow your business.

  1. Print your own business cards

Yes, you still need business cards. If you think the only use for a business card is to throw it in a fishbowl at your favorite restaurant in hopes of getting a free meal, you’re seriously mistaken. The business card is still one of the most important tools in networking, and the fact is that if you don’t have a business card, it makes you look unprofessional and amateurish.

Of course, designing and printing business cards can get pretty darn expensive. By the time you pay the designer and printing company, you could be out of pocket several hundred dollars. And if you’re printing cards for your employees too, the cost could go well into the thousands.

The good news is you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get professional business cards. With today’s advanced printers and user-friendly design programs, designing and printing your own business cards is a breeze. Just make sure you print on a nice, high quality card, and that you have a great design that creates a positive first impression.

  1. Create a monthly newsletter

Newsletters can be an incredibly effective marketing tool. A monthly newsletter is a great way to keep your clients and prospects informed about your company, and if you share useful content in addition to the typical company news, you’re going to position your brand as a true leader in the industry.

There are several keys to effective newsletter marketing:

  • Provide useful content
  • Engage your audience and nurture relationships with them
  • Publish on a consistent schedule to stay top of mind
  • Repurpose your content to get the most mileage from it (e.g. a blog post can be repurposed into a newsletter article or vice versa)

Printing your own newsletters is easy. There are plenty of templates you can use to create the layout of your newsletter. Just make sure to use a high quality paper to create a professional look.

  1. Make your own stationery

There are few things more official and professional looking than your own custom, branded stationery. With your own stationery, you can ensure that all printed correspondence that you send out to customers, prospects, vendors, and anybody else looks professional and creates a good impression.

And forget paying a printing company a lot of money to create your stationery! You can do it yourself. There are many templates available and inspirational designs to view that will guide you in designing your own letterheads and stationery. It’s easy to do, and it can be very helpful in establishing your brand.

  1. Design professional address labels

When it comes to branding, every detail matters. Every interaction you have with your audience is an opportunity to establish your brand. One unique branding opportunity that many businesses overlook is address labels. If your business sends any correspondence by mail, whether it’s marketing materials or invoices, using custom return address labels on the envelope can help your mail stand out while also building your brand.

Printing your own address labels is easy. You can buy the blank labels from your local office supply store, and your word processor should have a template for creating personalized labels.

  1. Print your own brochures

The brochure is still one of the most popular print marketing materials. A well-designed, informative brochure is something you can hand to prospects to help convert a good lead into an actual sale.

Of course, professional brochure printing can be very expensive, and you often have to place a huge order just to get a decent per-unit price. By printing your own brochures, you can control your expenses and reduce waste by only printing off the number of brochures you actually need.

Of course, these are just 5 examples of the many different things you can do with your office printer. The possibilities really are limitless. So, the next time you take your printer for granted and see it as just another boring piece of office equipment, think again. Your printer truly is a valuable asset to your company.

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