5 Digital Invitation Etiquette Tips for Small Businesses

Digital invitations have become popular in the business world. If you create a business event to expand your network, you can send digital invitations instead of printed cards. Digital invitations have various benefits that include low costs and convenience. You can reach all your guests with a few clicks and wait for reservations. Digital invitationsHowever, your guests may not respond to your invitation if you use the wrong approach. You must learn the etiquette for digital invitations, especially for formal events, before shifting from conventional invitation cards. Read on for some tips on how to use digital invitations.

1. Watch Your Language

Most digital invitations have a casual format. You might be tempted to use a casual tone throughout the invitation. The tone may not work well for some guests. If you expect high profile individuals to take your business seriously and attend your events, be careful with your language. Check for grammar and formatting mistakes before sending the invitations. This will help you send the right impression to your guests.

2. Personalize Invitations

The easiest way to send digital invitations is to create a contact list for all your guests and forward the same invitation to all. That sounds easy and convenient, but it may work against you. When guests receive such an invite, they assume that they are simply part of a contact list. The invite says that their response or presence at the event is not valuable to your business. Try to personalize the invitations by including the names of the guests. The content or format can be the same, but addressing the guests by their names makes a difference.

3. Make the Invitations Attractive

Go out of your way to make the invitations attractive. One look at the invitation will gives your guests an impression of your business and event. Fortunately, modern technology like Adobe Spark can help you create outstanding graphic invitations. You do not need any training in design to use the tool to make beautiful invitations. Spend a little more time choosing the right pictures and words for the invitations to attract your guests to your event.

4. Know When to Use Digital Invitations

One of the greatest lessons you can learn about digital invitations is that they are not appropriate for all events. You cannot throw away paper invitations and go digital for all events. Paper events carry a lot of weight for formal events. If you want to invite market leaders to your event, consider using conventional invitations. However, you can use digital invitations for anniversaries or social events.

5. Use Different Types of Invitations

We stated earlier that digital invitations do not suit all types of events. The invitations do not suit all guests as well. You might lose some important guests while trying to save on costs. Feel free to send both paper and digital invitations to your guests. You can send formal printed invitations to your VIPs and send digital invitations to all other guests.


The success of your event depends on the number of guests that turn up. Digital invitations are a convenient and pocket-friendly way of inviting guests to your events. However, your event may fail if you go wrong with the digital invitations. Always remember that the design, tone, and language of your invitations gives your guests a certain impression of your business. In addition, digital invitations do not suit some guests and formal events. Determine the appropriate time to use digital invitations and make use of technology to impress your guests with excellent designs.

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