5 Effective Pieces of Branding Advice for Small Businesses

Branding is important for both big and small business. The activity is a crucial ingredient for business’ success. small business brandingSince I’m in Sydney, Australia, I’ll talk about it from that perspective. Often companies in Sydney don’t focus on building strong brands. The fact is that branding is at the heart of the success of any business. In many ways, you can substitute brands for the products.

Branding is how a small business is perceived by the customers. It goes beyond the product to include such things as a feeling of status, class, quality and loyalty. This is the reason Apple, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, and others have a strong brand following despite selling expensive products.

Here we have revealed five important items that can help small business accelerate the branding and position efforts, and achieve competitive advantage.

1. Build an Effective Branding Strategy

Brand strategies refer to tactics and actions that can help position your brand in the minds of customers. You should focus on creating a strong brand positioning strategy that will drive overall marketing strategy, and shape customer value proposition.

2. Partner with Branding Firms

Another important item to build brand image is to partner with branding firms. You can leverage their expertise and resources in creating a powerful branding message. Companies like Brandmatters can help you create a brand story, image, story, message, and tone of voice that will resonate with the customers. They can help in creating a solid brand architecture and customer value proposition (CVP) that can help in conquering the mind and hearts of the customers.

3. Country-of-Origin Branding

A powerful branding factor that can influence the perception of the customers is an association with the country. This is known as country-of-origin branding. A country-of-origin can have a strong effect on the brand image. According to a survey by Roy Morgan Research firm, most Australians value Australian-based products more than others. Having a ‘made in’ label can have a substantial effect on the branding strategy.

4. Focus on Positive Attributes

Focus on creating a positive impression on the customers. This requires identifying attributes that align with your target market. Do they value status, quality, or connectedness? Do target customers belong to the upper income or middle class? Do you compete on quality or price? Your brand strategy should be shaped accordingly.

5. Give Free Materials to Engage with Customers

Everyone likes free stuff. With free promotional materials, you can make a positive impression on the customers. Custom gear will help in shaping positive customer perceptions. It will create effective customer engagement — both with existing and potential customers.

Giving promotional itemssuch as mugs, pens, diaries, pens, and others can help in connecting with the customers. It will show that the companygenuinely care about the customers. Most importantly, it will create a positive brand association that will add value to the brand image.

The overarching goal of brand building strategy should be to shape customers perception about the product and the company.  This requires that you think beyond the tangible and focus on creating intangible benefits for the customers.

About Eva Gosling

Eva Gosling is a software reviewer and freelance writer.