5 Essential Marketing Tips for Small or Solo Law Firms

Large law firms tend to enjoy word of mouth marketing from clients and positive press, if not brand recognition in their given market. marketing for law firmsSmall and solo law firms have a greater challenge receiving attention and generating a steady stream of clients. Here are five essential marketing tips for small or solo law firms.

Free Consultations without Losing Clients

You don’t want to give highly detailed legal advice in first meetings since this can eliminate the need for the client to see you. However, offering free initial meetings with limited advice while you learn about the potential client can generate new business.

Free Advice to Create Paying Clients

You could write a legal advice column or its equivalent. This may be through the newspaper, a blog, or sites like Quora. Giving correct information while making it clear that this doesn’t cover every situation will increase your brand recognition on social media while leading to a number of readers contacting you for advice.

Another variation of this is finding questions people are asking that have relatively few answers and then posting a long answer on your website that directs people who have these issues to contact you for assistance. You can work with a consulting firm like Lawbiz, which offers legal consulting services to determine which conversational queries have little competition but high odds of converting readers into clients.

Advertise Your Unique Niche

Before you meet with a legal consultant, identify what expertise you have that allows you to stand out from the crowd. For example, a general law firm is competing with literally every other law firm except those that specialize in areas like estate law or international immigration. If you have joint certifications in accounting and law, advertise your unique qualifications to give tax planning advice or investment law. If you have international business experience and can negotiate contracts in other languages or handle international cases, focus on this as part of your marketing because there are few who can rival you. Furthermore, you can focus your marketing efforts on the few people who will need your assistance.

Volunteering as Marketing

Volunteering can be an excellent way to market your services. For example, offering free legal advice via an educational seminar lets you get your name in front of strong prospects. Working in a free legal clinic can result in word of mouth marketing from your clients there, and you should tell reporters about the cases you’re handling so that they do a story on you. Don’t forget to ask them to mention your law firm by name and put a link to your business, since these links have very high domain authority with search engines.

Build a List of Clients

You should build a list of clients. Follow up with them from time to time to see if there is anything they need and ask them to refer others in the same situations. Don’t call everyone in one marathon session, but instead follow up with a few at a time when business slows down.


There are many ways that you can scale your law firm without reaching into your budget too much. Whether you choose to give free consultations to demonstrate your expertise, give free advice through publications or use volunteering opportunities to generate positive word of mouth, try to use as many tools as you can if you want to maximize your results.

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