5 Major challenges to prepare for in a data center migration

There are many small business challenges that one may face when migrating a data center. The fact that there are data centerreal-time users of the data center means that there will be lots of disruptions and lost opportunities. With this in mind, one needs to meticulously plan for their data center migration so that they can cause the least disruption and loss to their clients.

Here are 5 major challenges that you need to prepare for in a Data Center Migration process:

  1. Hidden complexities of the exercise

One of the biggest challenges to data center migration is the back end attachments that exist. The primary applications that you are moving will definitely be attached to the backend processes and this migration needs early planning. Not everything that you will have planned for will work. You should start an inventory with your business and customers so that you are aware of what you own in the data center.

  1. Post-migration testing of the data center

After the data center migration, you could have a lot of challenges in post-migration testing. Your clients will understand your need to migrate the data center but when it does not work after the migration; they will definitely be an unhappy lot. You do not want this to be the case. You will require enlisting network staff so that they can time the performance of the end-to-end transactions. Document all the tests that you do before and after the migration and ensure that all applications are working.

  1. Break of regular schedules

You need to inform all your end users of the planned data center migration. Your support team will definitely need to put in more time so that the migration can be successful. You will be challenged on what to move and when to move it. There are application users that will need to have access to these applications on the day you are doing your data center migration. You will need over a month of scheduling the migration and this will bring in a lot of overruns in overtime.

  1. Fragile application delivery optimization

There is the issue of the application delivery optimization, also known as ADO. For the people who use optimizers or load balancers, they will require to peel back their configuration layers and determine how they will manage the migration. You may require duplicate hardware for this challenge. This is definitely an extra investment that you may not have planned for. You may have to look for changes that you can make to the current configuration so that you can have a greater modularity.

  1. Ensure secure and compliant systems

With today’s organization systems, you will require changes to the system that can secure your data and networks. You may not succeed in running the data center migration manually.  You have to manage your security compliance policies in a centralized manner. You may require real-time alerts so that when there are security breaches during the migration, you can have these arrested and taken care of. Various configurations and changes to firewalls may be required for you to succeed in your data center migration without any security lapses.

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