5 Most Popular Word Press Plugins for Small Business Sites

The need for effective content marketing has made WordPress an essential part of most business websites. WordPress (WP) blogs and plugins make it easy to publish high quality articles that build trust and credibility with readers, promote the business brand and eventually get more conversions.

According to WordPress, over 60 million users have picked WP as their content management platform. Due to the massive developer support that it enjoys, several plugins are now available to help you customize your WP website. Here is a brief review of the 5 most popular WordPress plugins for small business websites.

WP Touch Mobile Plugin

The rapid increase in demand for mobile e-Commerce has made it necessary for most businesses to optimize their websites for mobile devices. Therefore WP mobile plugins were created to address this need. The most popular one is the WP Touch mobile plugin. It enables WP sites to display well on virtually all mobile platforms like mobile phones, smart phones and tablets likes iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android without the need to get a separate mobile domain or sub-domain. Currently this plugin has been downloaded by over 4.3 million users.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps business website owners to get important metrics and usage statistics from their WP sites. Examples of such statistics include: page views, number of visitors, search traffic, outbound link clicks, downloads, and many more. This free plugin can help you to know what your site visitors like to read and the kind of links that are important to them. This will make it easier for you to create more content on topics that your customers want to read. Currently, over 4.8 million users have downloaded this useful plugin.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast is about the best SEO plugin you can find for your business website. It gives you complete control over page titles and other meta data descriptions per post. It also has 301 redirection. It can help you to set rules for search engine programs. Examples include of such rules include, index, no index, follow and no follow. You can also use it to modify the Google+ and Facebook descriptions for each post if you don’t want to use the default meta data.

In addition, WordPress SEO plugin automatically includes the rel=”canonical” tag in every post and page. This means that you will not be penalized by Google for duplicate content. Over 5.5 million users have downloaded this plugin till date.

Contact Form 7

This free WP plugin manages several contact forms with very easy customization. Forms help you to build a list and collect information that will eventually generate more revenue. Contact Form7 is a user-friendly plugin that can help you perform effective customer relationship management. That is why it has been downloaded over 11.9 million times.


Akismet is the WordPress plugin that helps you to fight spam comments. It scans every comment submitted to ascertain whether it is genuine or spam. It is very easy to set up. You simply need to go to the Akismet website and register to obtain a WordPress key. Then insert the key into the Akismet settings on your site and spam will be eliminated for good. This plugin is one of the most popular WP plugins; over 16.9 million people have downloaded it.

That was a very brief review of the 5 most popular WP plugins for business websites. If there are any of these plugins that you aren’t using on your website, you should endeavor to add them to your WP website or blog for more effective content management.

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