5 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Small Business Offline

With the rapid growth in online marketing, most offline methods are being forgotten each time marketing campaigns are strategized;

Small business marketing

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most people prefer to grow a business online. It is obvious that online marketing is hugely significant in today’s internet-connected world, but offline interactions with clients still have a special and unique value that can’t be forgotten.

If you want to provide your business with a real marketing boost, its time you looked outside the box. Below are five powerful offline selling tricks that don’t need a big marketing budget. You could combine them with the digital methods if you want to grow your business online and offline.

Print out Business Cards 
Business cards are a relatively cheap way to get to diverse offline audiences. Low-cost sites make it easy to design and print out quality cards with personalized logo. Within a business card, you should ensure that business address is included. For example, if you work at Staples your business card should include the Staples corporate office address. Take the cards to trade shows and networking events to form professional business interactions, but be sure to have a stack on you all the time – you never know when you might come across a potential client.

In addition to giving your business cards out by yourself, consider giving a pile of them to other firms that may refer customers to you. Other than expanding your audience through a similar audience, the in-person interactions can assist you to deepen connections with the community. Another option you can rely on to distribute your cards would be offering them to your happy and loyal customers, so they can pass them out to others.

Giving Back to Your Community
Small companies may not have adequate funds they can use to provide significant sponsorships, but they have multiple small-scale opportunities in the industry or community. Maybe a youth group in the local community is holding a raffle, or perhaps another local firm is conducting a silent auction to raise funds for a worthy cause. You can choose to be part of it by donating gift certificates for the services you provide or design a gift basket that contains your products.

Another option you have would be giving your valuable time. Your company could volunteer by offering services to a local charity or non-profit organization. The connections you will make including the positive word of mouth your company will get from giving back to the local community will improve the image of the business.

Taking Videos and Pictures
Since social media marketing is conducted online, most company owners, as well as marketers, often forget how offline efforts can boost social campaigns. You could decide to take photos of the company’s daily activities and events and then post them online. Videos come in handy too. For instance, when someone from your firm speaks during an event, consider recording it and then you may upload it on YouTube.

Real-life pictures from the offline world illustrate the company’s personality while increasing online user engagement. According to Kissmetrics, Facebook posts that have photos are known to receive 80% more clicks and more likes compared to text-only posts. What’s more, popular social networks like Instagram and Pinterest are image-based; they make photos more essential for online marketing.

Create Holiday Cards and Gifts
During holidays, you must have numerous marketing activities in mind. One offline idea you could capitalize on is sending out holiday cards to the consumers with physical addresses. A solo-entrepreneur can send cards that feature his or her own family. In case you have a small budget, consider sending smaller holiday gifts such as branded swag or baked goodies.

Don’t forget your business partners – expressing gratitude to vendors will strengthen your business relationships, creating more opportunities for all those who are involved. When you reach out to your customers and vendors in a personal way, special connections are established. They will feel valued and will think of you each time they need your products or services.

Speaking at Events
Professional events provide an excellent opportunity to meet people, share ideas and form brand awareness. These events are more effective when you get the chance to speak. Look out for any local event that relates to your industry, create an educational topic to speak on and then volunteer. In case you can’t speak at the event, attending can still be helpful.

Growing a business online is not the only viable option; these offline strategies for marketing could also help your business to grow. However, just like in the digital world, you must think about the company’s short and long-term marketing and business goals.

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