5 Things to Keep in Mind When Guest Posting

Guest posting on other blogs is one of the best ways to obtain additional high quality backlinks to your website as well as get your name out there when it comes to authoring high quality blog posts.  Guest posting is the process of writing an article on somebody else’s blog and then including a backlink at the end of the post.  When guest blogging there are numerous things to keep in mind to ensure the readers react positively to your post, which increases your chances of being invited again to make another post.

#1 – Ensure Backlink is to a Quality Website

The primary purpose of writing a guest post and putting it on somebody else’s blog is to receive a high quality backlink to your own website.  It’s very important that your backlink points to a high quality website that has relevant content and is in the same general niche as the blog your guest post is located on.  This will give your backlink more power and value and you may even gain some traffic from direct clicks originating from your guest post.  Having a high quality website to link back to will also please the blog owner, as low quality backlinks can reduce their page rank.

#2 – Become Known on Site before Guest Posting

All too often eager webmasters make the mistake of writing extremely high quality blog posts and then placing them on websites or blogs they have absolutely no affiliation with.  While this isn’t a big deal if you’re only looking for backlinks, it makes a different if you are looking to build a reputation as a good writer, a smart marketer or something else.  Try to build a reputation around the blog by creating an account, interacting with the owner, creating blog comments and being active in the community.

#3 – Research the Blog before Guest Posting

One of the worst things you can do as a guest blog poster is create a post that is completely irrelevant to the blog’s niche and goals.  If you are guest posting on a blog about car insurance, you better be sure your guest blog post has something to do with car insurance.  The chances of your post being accepted is diminished greatly if you write an off-topic post or a post that is low quality, is rambling in nature or uses a lot of “fluff words.”

#4 – Make a Good Pitch to the Blog Owner

One of the keys to successful guest posting is knowing how to convince the owner of a particular blog to accept your blog post as a guest post and obtain a high quality backlink.   Email is the most common method of contacting the blog editor or owner, and it’s important to make a good first impression.  Make sure to include in your email who you are, what your occupation is and what your expertise is.  Tell the editor/owner what your blog post will bring to their blogging network and be sure to ask them politely to get back to you at their convenience.

#5 – Promote on Social Media

After making your guest post it’s time to start promoting it.  Social media is a great avenues for accomplishing this because news and information is spread very quickly.  Use your Twitter account (if you don’t have one, you’re missing out) to tweet about your new blog post.  Use Facebook to make an update about your guest blog post along with a link to the post.  An advantage of promoting your guest post on social media is it will please the site owner because of the free promotion and publicity.

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