5 Tips for Balancing School with Entrepreneurial Efforts

Launching your own small business can be a challenge to say the least, especially when you’re in the process of earning a degree. Usually it’s not the money that keeps students from reaching their entrepreneurial potential, it’s improper time management and work/school balancing that prevents them from doing what needs to be done. u4-1459123_640If you’ve been struggling to keep up with your company while attending school, consider the following five tips that I used to start my own blogging network while earning a doctor of nursing practice:

1. Consider Online Universities

Being stuck on campus and having to attend classes at set times can drastically hinder your ability to tend to your business as needed. This is one of the reasons why I chose to get my DNP online from Bradley University rather than attending a local college that would consume much of my time without offering any flexibility. If you plan on launching a successful startup while pursuing a degree, it would be best to compare online options for the sake of your schedule.

2. Make Your Office Mobile

Another factor that often hinders school-going entrepreneurs is lack of work mobility. You should become proficient with tablets and smartphones to ensure that while you’re on-the-go you’ll be able to perform all the business-related tasks you would on a conventional PC. Take advantage of free time while you’re on a work break or in between classes. A great entrepreneur will tell you that some of their best ideas come during spontaneous brainstorming sessions that can occur just about anywhere, not necessarily in front of their desk or in a cubicle.

3. Set Aside Specific Work Hours

While it’s good to check on your business and come up with new ideas throughout the day, it’s equally important to have a set time when you focus on nothing but your entrepreneurial efforts. Choose a period of at least 2-3 hours (more is better) during which you work towards knocking items off your business to-do list.

4. Get Adequate Sleep

While it might seem tough to wind down and get a good amount of sleep when you’ve got so many things on your plate, that’s exactly what your body needs to be as productive as possible. Make adjustments to your schedule to ensure that you’re giving yourself plenty of downtime to rest and recuperate from the rigors of balancing school, work, and entrepreneurship.

5. Use Productivity Hacks

I spent so much time researching productivity hacks while earning my doctorate in nursing practice that it got to the point where reading about ways to be more productive was ironically hindering my productivity. Don’t be one of those people who spends hours reading about tips and tricks that they’ll never even use. Instead, make it a goal to discover and implement one new productivity hack every day.

Set Realistic Expectations

Finally, the best way to keep yourself from becoming discouraged while juggling school and business is to set realistic projections and goals. Doing this will prevent you from feeling as though you’re not getting to your intended destination fast enough. Remember that a gradual and consistent approach will always be better than quick and sporadic periods of progress.

About Morgan Johnes

Morgan Johnes is big fan of business and marketing tips. He currently works as business assistant at a company offering mobile options trading.