5 Tips For Growing Your Brand Organically Online

Ask any entrepreneur, and they’ll tell you that growing your business is not an easy process. It’s certainly not something that happens overnight, Corporate Brandingand it takes a dedicated marketing strategy. You can’t expect to expand your brand’s outreach just by throwing up a few blog posts every month.

To grow your brand organically online you must understand several key elements that we’ll look at below.

1. Niche

So many business owners are afraid to niche their specialty down. They think that if they remain broad in their scope that they’ll get more customers. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Pick a niche, know that niche inside and out, and your brand will become the go-to to solve problems within that specialty. Niching also helps you focus on what your brand represents and defines your mission and values.

2. Understand Your Audience

To grow rapidly, you must know who your target audience is and the problems that they need help solving. What is your audience interested in? What issues do they need solutions to and how will your brand help them? How does your audience use their time spent online?

These questions are often the ones you ask yourself when trying to pick a niche, but you need to re-evaluate them periodically to ensure you’re still targeting the right customers. Online tools such as Facebook Analytics and Twitter for Business provide valuable data that you can utilize to get to know your audience better.

3. Create and Curate Great Content

Creating quality content is probably one of the most significant ways to grow your brand organically online. Not every piece needs to be evergreen content, but high-quality, consistent material attracts new readers and retains more of them. This means you must create and publish it routinely so that your audience knows when to expect new content from you.

Quality content could be articles, blog posts, a newsletter, and more. Use the content you create for your blog to make posts on social media, too. Many people don’t understand that its okay to curate content, also.

Not every piece of information needs to be brand new for social media posts. You just need to know where to find useful information. Curating content for social media groups is perfectly okay and a great conversation starter. Once you discover a good article that relates to your brand, put a link on your social media and add comments to start the conversation.

It’s less stressful and overwhelming too, especially since to increase your brand’s following you need frequent and routine postings. After every few curated posts, add an original post from your own blog on social media.

4. Engage Your Customers

Even with cutting-edge products, excellent content, and creative web design, at some point, you’ll experience slow periods of growth. The reason is that your customers really want engagement. They want to connect with the personality behind your brand. Customers want someone to acknowledge their feedback and answer their questions.

Accountability is another piece of engagement. We are all human and make mistakes. Your customers want to know how effective you are at handling a complaint and how you respond. They are really looking for honesty and how you handle problems.

Also, connect with your audience no matter what size it is. Don’t wait until you have a more substantial following to connect with your customers and audience. Connect with your current audience, and you’ll make great strides in expanding your brand organically.

5. Convert Visitors to Your Website into Followers on Social Media

Above all else, your website is the most critical element of your online presence and your home base. However, social media followers are also vital to your business. You need to know how to effectively redirect traffic to the other places online where your brand can be found. Once a visitor finds your website, the next step should be obvious. You want them to visit you on social media, too!

Your website can compel visitors to follow your brand on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any social media connected with your business. Some great ways to do this are:

  • List the social media pages attached to your brand on the contact page of your website.
  • Make sure social media buttons are in the footer and above the fold of your website.
  • Add a call to action after every blog post that invites your visitors to follow your company on social media.

Growing your brand organically online doesn’t have to be frightening. Follow these few simple tips, and you’ll see your brand grow organically online.

About Cole Storley

Cole Storley is a writer and blogger at HookAgency.com