6 Great Small Business Startup Ideas

If you’ve spent the last couple of years working in a dead end job with little or no prospects, then now could be the best time to conceive a new business idea and become your own boss. Working for other people is all well and good when you’re young,

but as we get older it’s vital we try to move up in the world as much as possible. Although you might think the global financial climate suggests starting a new firm now might not be the best idea, in reality, getting involved in business when the markets are down is the most desirable thing you can do. As Yazz once said in 1988, “the only way is up”.

With that in mind, I thought today might be a good time to give you some handy advice and point you in the right direction. Below this paragraph, you’ll find six brilliant business ideas that can be grown from almost nothing, and are certain to make you incredibly wealthy within the first five years of trading (presuming you have the skills to get that far). So, spend a couple of minutes giving them your full attention and hopefully you’ll come away with a much clearer picture of the road ahead. If not, at least you’ll have some idea about the type of endeavor that would be most suitable.

1 – Web Development

Though the internet has been around for the best part of two decades, it’s only now that companies on a local level are acknowledging the need for an online presence. This means there’s lots of work around for people who are able to design professional looking websites for their clients.

2 – Stock Brokerage

Anyone with experience at trading on the stock market could make a killing by setting up their own brokerage firm and doing the same for others. A good idea would be to promote introductory offers to attract new clients in much the same way as the companies listed on this blog do http://moneystreetsmart.com/tradeking-promotional-codes/.

3 – Corporate Accountancy

Individuals with a background and experience in accounting could find themselves earning staggering amounts within only a few short months if they moved into the corporate arena. Big businesses pay extremely well for the right specialist to deal with their tax issues, so why not make this your forte.

4 – Employment Agency

As people all over the western world are having to deal with decreased employment rights, it’s unsurprising so many companies are now using temporary agency workers. By finding these firms and a decent pool of unemployed people, you can make money from others working. Not bad eh?

5 – Online Retail

Regardless of what type of products you intend to stock, selling online can be an extremely profitable venture for savvy people who understand how to attract traffic and how to build a customer base.

6 – Virtual Advice / Training

If you have relevant expertise in any area of business, there’s always going to be people willing to pay for your time in the hope of gaining good advice or training. This job can be done from the comfort of your own home using video messaging services like Skype.

So there you have it my entrepreneurial friends, there’s enough business ideas there to get you started on the road to success. Obviously, if you can think of something better then go for it, I’m just trying to inspire you.

I wish you the best of luck with any idea you pursue in the future!

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