6 Tech Tools to Keep Your Small Business Organized

6 Tech Tools to Keep Your Small Business Organized

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If you want to stay ahead in just about any industry, you have to devote every moment to your work. There are customers to talk to, tasks to complete, trends and news that you have to keep up with, and a number of things that you have to do that are specific for your field of operation. Performing all these tasks in a daily routine is not easy and sometimes can be overwhelming. The apps that are listed here will not only help you stay organized and on top of all your duties and assignments, but also do a bit of work when you otherwise couldn`t, which is to say that you`ll always be able to react to any surprises that may come your way, which could easily mean the difference between your business prospering or failing.


If you have been in the business for a while now, you probably remember the time when fax machine was the most significant improvement in the way we sign documents. Basically, if you were on a business trip, and you couldn’t find a working fax machine, you were unable to sign any important documents for your head office, and the work simply had to wait until you resolved the issue. With SignNow, you can electronically sing any document from your mobile device, and be safe in knowledge that every signature made that way is completely valid and cannot be disputed in any kind of legal proceeding.

OnLive Desktop

An amazing, feature rich app that gives you access to a number of tools essential for every business person. Apart from 2 GB of free online storage that you are getting, the app also comes with Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which is to say that you don`t have to have access to your PC if you want to create, modify or simply read text documents, spreadsheets or presentations. This enables you do a bit of work while commuting and so significantly increase your productivity.


In case that you work out of office and that you often have to receive payment for your services, or have to perform some other kind of monetary transactions, Square may just be the right app for you. It allows you to receive credit card payments, and comes with a hardware add-on that you plug in to your earphones jack and that is used to swipe the credit cards. The app is completely free, as is the hardware, and the only thing that you are charged for are the individual transactions. The fee represents a fixed percentage of your transactions and you`ll hardly feel it, but the convenience that this app offers might make the difference between keeping and losing a customer.


Contactually is an app that provides you with a hub where you can gather your various conversations from a number of different channels. Apart from being of tremendous help with your networking, the app saves you quite a bit of time that you`d otherwise waste in trying to piece together parts of conversations with people and connect them into a meaningful whole. It comes with options for sorting your contacts and conversations, so that you always have an idea of the importance or urgency of particular conversations.


Chances are that you`ve heard about the desktop version of Basecamp, but if you didn’t get the app for your mobile device yet, you should definitely think about it. This would allow you to monitor the progress of all your tasks, make updates or corrections, and be able to react to potential issues at a moment`s notice.


A great app that can be used as a reminder and task organizer, but that really gets to shine when it comes to organizing your thoughts and ideas. In the course of busy day, you may often stumble upon little revelations that end up forgotten simply because at the moment you didn’t have the time to focus on them. WorkFlowy allows you to quickly jot those ideas down, organize them any way that it suits you, and then come back to them once you have more time.

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