6 tips for marketing your online personal training small business


So, you’ve got your certificate of fitness in hand and you’re ready to launch your online personal training business. Your website is live and you’re keen to get started helping people reach their fitness goals. personal training small businessNow all you need to know is how to get in front of prospective client and encourage them to sign up.

Promoting an online business can be challenging, but it’s essential you get comfortable selling and marketing your services. Creative marketing strategies can help you achieve quality leads and grow your online personal training business.

Here are 6 tips for marketing your online PT business:

  1. Create monthly emails with helpful tips

We all love free stuff and so do your perspective clients. Creating monthly emails with valuable tips and tricks is a great way to connect to your audience and grow your email list. Write a bunch of emails in advance so you can consistently send out the email on the same day, every month. Create list articles, use infographics, give away a quick 15-minute workout.

Get started by signing up to a Mailchimp account which is a great and easy to use email marketing service that’s free.


  1. Host a fitness challenge

Hosting a fitness challenge is a great way to generate new business and get people excited about being a part of something. This could be a 6-8-week program you’ve designed to help people achieve impressive results. Offer an appealing prize which could be something they can redeem with your business such as a 6-month free membership.

Start marketing your program on your website, e-newsletters, social media, even Facebook or Google Ads.


  1. Find an ‘influencer’ to coach

Jump on Instagram and have a look at people who have a great following. These people are referred to as ‘influencers’. Get in touch with them and see if they’re willing to have you as their coach. Perhaps you can get them to join your fitness challenge or try a couple of months using your online training program. In return for your free services, they can promote and talk to their large audience about your company, driving huge traffic to your website.


  1. Utilise video and photos

Videos and visuals help grab the attention of your audience and they’re a great way to showcase your results. Encourage your clients to take progress photos to see change and ask them if you can share it online. Upload videos to Facebook, Instagram or YouTube to share your knowledge and engage a greater audience. This could be tips about getting into exercise, a demo of how to squat properly or a 20-minute stretch session.


  1. Join a fitness networking group

Joining a fitness or health networking group is a great way to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs in your industry. Extending your network will help you build a greater reach. Get in touch with other professionals who could feed your business. Refer your clients to a local nutritionist or physiotherapist. In return, they’ll refer their clients to your online personal training business.


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