7 Apps You Need When Running a Startup Business

The decision to begin a startup business is exciting and stressful. Managing one involves an extensive to-do list, excellent management skills,apps for small business and the ability to track many different aspects. In today’s society, technology is a prime opportunity to make this endeavor easier to handle. Sifting through endless app options for managing a startup business should be the least of your worries, so instead, here’s a list of apps essential to running a startup business.

Scan It
For a business on the go, Tiny Scanner can be a lifesaver. It is a mobile scanning app that allows you to scan and convert documents to PDFs from your phone. From one page to multiple, you
can easily take your tax documents or invoices from your desk t o your desktop, creating
electronic copies of important information. It is also free with an option to purchase the ability to
convert more documents.

Stay in Touch
E-mail chains and group messages can become difficult to track when communicating with team
members. Slack is a great app compatible with the desktop or a cell phone. It allows team
members from across the hall or across the world to communicate via chat rooms, private
groups, or direct messaging. The messages are searchable, increasing its effectiveness.

Additionally, you can upload documents, pin important messages, or start calls. There’s also the
ability to use emojis!

Stay Organized
Trello is a flexible, free, and visual way to stay organized and manage multiple projects at once. You can create multiple boards with different cards to assign tasks to different people with easy access from desktop or mobile phone. It provides a visual way to sort tasks, track their progress, and share real-time updates on task status. The boards can either be assigned as private, personal, team, or public. This means you can have a board for just people who have been added to it, for your personal tasks, for members of the team, or open to anyone with the link.

Invoice It
As a startup business owner, you’ll need to create invoices in order to get payment from your satisfied customers that much faster. Invoice2Go is a simple app that allows you to create professional looking invoices with easy and send it, all in under a minute. Once you secure those repeat customers, you can set invoices to be sent at specified time intervals. You’ll also be able to track your expenses and stay organized with digital copies of all your invoices.

Plan It
Event planning can be a daunting task for some, but with apps like MeetApp it certainly does not have to be. This app gives your audience an interactive experience that will keep them engaged in with your startup! This is one of the best apps for events in 2018, allowing you to conduct instant polls, evaluate for future events, and monitor social media activity. It allows for high-touch events, communication with clients, and brings your startup closer to realizing its full potential.

Access It
Storing documents on your computer limits the ability to collaborate and share with your team. This is where the many facets of Google Drive can help your startup takeoff. From word documents to PowerPoints to excel sheets, you can edit, share, and collaborate from one platform. As a team, you can create a folder for all members to access. You can monitor the work of other team members or collaborate as a whole. Google Drive can also be accessed from mobile phones and tablets, allowing for edits and review on the go!

Clear It
As the owner and operator of a startup business, it might feel impossible to create mental space for something other than your business. Headspace is a great app to help you and relax. There’s no need to work nonstop when this app can teach you how to properly and mindfully meditate. With consistent use, you will sleep better, focus more, increase creativity, and arrive energized and ready to tackle the challenges and triumphs of your startup.

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