7 Workplace Productivity-Enhancing Tools Every Small Business Needs

The need for high productivity at work is a reality no business can ignore. By identifying and addressing factors that may cause inefficiencies in the workplace, businesses can realize not only higher revenues but also increased competitiveness in the market.Productivity

One very effective strategy of increasing productivity is to use technology to manage employees and employee activities. There are several online tools that can help with workplace collaboration, time management, and employee monitoring, leading to greater efficiency. Some make communication among staff members easier, others help with payroll management, and there are even those that are used to monitor social media activity.

Here are eight productivity-enhancing tools to consider:

  • For managing projects across your teamWorkZone

For those of you that have used Basecamp, you’ve likely found it to be a good solution for small teams managing simple projects. But for teams managing heavier workloads or with inter-connected tasks, WorkZone is a more robust, yet still easy-to-use alternative.

  • For project planning and management – Asana

Asana markets itself as a productivity tool that helps team members stay on the same page throughout a project. The tool will help you keep all projects and tasks in one spot and automatically assigns each user specific work. The starting package is free of charge after which you’ll pay $20/month for five members. The cost increases as you add more members.

  • For sharing and collaboration – Google Drive

The best thing about Google Drive is that it’s free of charge but comes with a plethora of features. When you first sign up, you get 15GB of free space. You can use this space to store your work, save email attachments, back up photos, and most importantly, easily share these items with your staff.

  • For web analytics – Google Analytics

Being that you conduct business over the web, you need to consistently analyze your web performance to determine in which direction you’re headed. Are you hitting your targets? Are your online efforts bearing fruit? Though Google Analytics, you’ll be able to track a several metrics including; site traffic, traffic source, conversion rates, and bounce rate.

  • For mobile mavericks – Evernote

Evernote is a special app that can organize photos, save notes (both audio and text), set reminders, and even upload attachments. Moreover, if you sync your devices, all saved items can be easily accessed on all the synced devices. But it doesn’t end there. The app also allows you to clip web articles and store them for later reading!

  • For social media management – Hootsuite

It can be difficult picking between Hootsuite and Buffer. But when you’re talking strictly about social media management, Hootsuite would be your best choice. The tool is tremendously helpful with managing several social media accounts. It will allow you to easily monitor your activity across multiple networks in real-time and in one easy-to-use dashboard.

  • For copywriting and SEO – Zerys (Interact Media)

What makes Zerys so special is that it isn’t just another article writing website but more of a project management platform. With tens of thousands of elite writers, you will be able to create high quality blogs, articles, web copies, and whitepapers for marketing.

  • For email overload – Sane Box

Sane Box, as the name suggest, helps to restore sanity to your email inbox. This can be particularly helpful for a manager who receives thousands of emails on a daily basis. Sane Box is designed to quickly sift through your inbox to identify which emails matter to you most and which ones don’t. The not-so-urgent emails can then be moved to a different folder which you can view at a later time.

An increasing number of businesses are also turning to time tracking tools such as Clockspot to manage employee times. Time tracking tools allow you to see who is working in real time and easily monitor overtime which would, in turn, allow for faster payroll processing.

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