Who We Are

Thought Reach, LLC is an Atlanta, Georgia based small business marketing company. Our site offers simple advice for small business owners to market and run their companies.

Our Founder

Nate Goodman, Thought Reach, LLC

Nate Goodman

Nate Goodman is the author of the novel, The Fourteenth Protocol, and an email software designer with eleven years in the email marketing, social media, WordPress websites, and CRM space. Nate is known by friends for two things: sipping Fair Trade coffee all day long, and not being able to keep a straight face after playing a practical joke on his co-workers. Sign up to follow the Thought Reach blog here.

A couple of things you should know about Nate before you go any further:

  • I believe if you’re not laughing, you’re not doing it right
  • I have watched the movies As Good As It Gets and Steel Magnolias, but I won’t admit it publicly, so don’t ask
  • I believe sarcasm is a virtue
  • In the writing of the thriller novel The Fourteenth Protocol, I initially misspelled the word “idiot.” The misspelling was caught by my 12 year old; something she’ll never let me hear the end of.
  • I believe dogs should have names like Scraps, Knuckles, or Mr. Winkles
  • I’m a husband, and dad of my two girls first, a author and small business marketer-guy second
  • I sip coffee all day long, but only buy beans labeled Fair Trade or similar
  • I’m not a real Atlanta native since I was born a Yankee, but I lie about it anyway
  • If I had $5 million, I’d buy a house at Rosemary Beach (that actually costs $4.99 million more than I can currently afford)
  • I married up. My wife, however, was not so fortunate.
  • When my girls were little, I secretly didn’t want to teach them the proper pronunciation of words like amblee-ance (ambulance), sparkin pot (parking spot), come-prees (capris), and sklurrrr (school)
  • In the spring, you’ll find me at the Indigo Girls concert on the lawn of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, sitting on a blanket with my wife and friends, listening to the music with a glass of wine

Our Blog

The Thought Reach blog helps solve small business problems, questions, and shortcomings. We talk about how to effectively run your small business. We also talk about WordPress websites, email marketing, and social media to grow your company.

Readers of our blog gain insight into these topics and many more. We cut through the incredible mass of information about small business marketing and distill it down to just the things you need to know.
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