How to adapt to Obama care when running a small business

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This country has been torn asunder by this medical miracle, or so that’s what some would lead us to believe. President Obama wants it to be a miracle, and so far it has helped to shut down the government for two weeks, panicked the handicapped individuals of this nation, How to adapt to Obama care when running a small businessand caused so much unrest that the capital of our nation has had major protests. Now if this miracle is so good, why would this even occur?

Lollipops are good and they don’t cause a governmental shutdown. Ice cream sandwiches are good and they don’t rouse the trucking businesses to show up and shut down the nation’s capital. Apples are even good, but in no way will they panic the American people into such a mess that they don’t work with one another.

So, let’s take a look at this thing for small businesses and discover what is being posted about it:

• There are supposed to be tax incentives for the small employer. The smaller the business the better the incentives. (Let’s hope this is the truth)

• Businesses with over 50 FULL time employees are exempt from the fee on their first 30 full-time workers.

• The employer mandate isn’t meant to hurt small businesses, it’s to ensure that the larger companies share in the responsibility for the healthcare of more Americans. (Really? When was it Wal-Mart’s job to pay for anybody but their employees? How is that right?)

• Small employers can see up to a 50% reduction in their share of the cost of employee premiums. The amount employers do pay is tax deductible and can be carried forward or backward. (We all know how deductions work right? Usually most of the deduction disappears because they only give us so much we can use.)

• Small employers can offer better quality benefits due to the increased benefits, rights and protections offered by ObamaCare.

• Due to small businesses being able to shop for group health plans on their State’s Health Insurance Marketplace via the SHOP, AKA the Small Business Health Options Program, small businesses now have the same buying power as larger firms. Along with tax credits, increased buying power helps small businesses afford to provide benefits to their employees.

• All new “ObamaCare taxes” larger small businesses and higher income employees pay to make all the benefits, rights and protections of the law possible including subsidized insurance for low-to-middle income Americans, small businesses, and Medicare.

It appears

The whole program to a point makes sense. On the other hand, it is being shoved down the throats of those that do not want it. As well, there are those that would get health care for free. That would be a relief for the injured and the disabled, but aren’t we supposed to take care of them regardless? How can a health care program be so good that a majority of the Americans didn’t get to vote on it? If it is so good for the small businesses, why didn’t they get a say on it?

His work of art is still being judged and until it has a full cycle to run, we won’t know how we all feel about it.

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