Should You Add a Quote to Your Facebook Timeline Cover?

Should You Add a Quote to Your Facebook Timeline Cover?

If you’re like a lot of people, both individuals and businesses, you’re looking for ways to make your Facebook cover photo more impressive and impactful. Those who have a strong Facebook presence and spend a lot of time trying to reach out to people and connect with them through the site know that the cover photo is one of the most important things that represents you. It sets the tone for your Facebook timeline page and can convey a lot of information about you, depending upon what you include in it.

People are trying to come up with new ideas to help them make the most of it, and one of the latest trends is putting a famous quote in your cover photo in order to demonstrate a quality that you value or just show off your knowledge a little bit and entertain people. Depending upon what you pick, this can be a popular way to change up your cover photo a little bit. It is often a nice change of pace from the cover photos on Facebook that are nothing more than a plain old photo.

If you haven’t changed your Facebook cover in a few months, you should definitely consider tweaking it or making some minor adjustments. Rotating it and keeping it fresh is a good way to keep your visitors and customers engaged with what ou have going on.

Lots of Options and Tones to Take

Depending upon your style, your brand and your need (or lack thereof) to be professional, you can go in a lot of different directions with a quote on your Facebook cover photo. If you are an individual who isn’t worried about professionalism, you could be more humorous or irreverent with it.

While these may be fine for the average user and individual, they are certainly not a good idea for companies. In fact, if you are a major brand, you probably don’t want to even mess with quoting other people. At some point you become big enough that you don’t want to send the message that you need to rely on others for guidance and inspirational quotes. If you have an important company figure that is well-known, however, you may want to consider using a quote from him or her. If it is powerful and demonstrates some of the key values of your company, it can be worthwhile to include.

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Things to Keep in Mind

When you are deciding whether or not to use a quote on your Facebook cover photo, keep in mind what your goals are. Remember what it is that you are hoping to convey to visitors, and then check to see whether your quote will be able to do that. If not, you should consider coming up with another quote, or getting rid of it all together. Just like there are times when using a quote on your Facebook cover photo is a great idea that can have a positive impact, there are times when you don’t need to rely upon it and there can be more distraction than good.

It will be up to you to try to find the right balance so that you can maximize the value and quality of your Facebook page.

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