Always Think Twice Before Clicking Those Links

Many of the younger generation do not even remember life before email. Always Think Twice Before Clicking Those LinksThis is quite an amazing thought. My son cannot even comprehend the fact that I actually had to physically write to people with a paper and pen and then post it! But I have come to realise that we have become so used to the virtual world that we live in that we are now just taking it for granted.

Pay Attention To What Your Staff Are Doing Online:

The place in which most of us are less likely to pay attention to whether that email is secure or not is at work. After all it’s not our computer, we are not responsible for the network and it is someone else job to make sure that nothing gets in that should not. However, when we go home it’s often an entirely different matter. We can’t risk the kids seeing things that they shouldn’t or our own personal machines being infected with viruses or losing our own money having to pay to sort these things out. At work, we can step away from this and that lack of responsibility makes it easy for those that really want to, to get in and cause chaos. So always be aware of what your staff do online, make sure that they have rules that they are aware of and make it their responsibility too.

Hire an Expert:

I have a friend who does security assessments and penetration testing for companies. I am constantly amazed by how easy he finds it to get into a company’s network, usually by just the use of email. His favourite trick is to find out who works for the company, find someone who has a Facebook account that is not locked down and create a believable email that looks like it has come from Facebook via one of their friends. The sheer act of them clicking on the links in this email allows him into their network and he has before now managed to get complete client lists, employee lists, addresses, personal information and bank details. On the basis of the fact he is paid a percentage of the fine the company would have received had it been real, you can imagine that he makes a decent living. So consider getting someone to check your email security from outside. The companies that he does this for are always shocked as they thought their defences were adequate. Like I say, people become accustomed to the status quo.

Remind People of the Importance of Safety:

People forget when something is a daily chore how important it is to get things right. We all slip into bad habits, and when allowed to get away with popping onto a website for half an hour sometimes it can become a habit, because quite frankly, we get away with it. If there is no security policy and no rules that are enforced then the responsibility has to come down to management if there is a threat. Consider risk on a regular basis, it is there and if it comes up behind you when you are not looking then it could bring a business to its knees. Communicate regularly with staff and they will respect the network.

Our daily work environment has changed so much in just the last few years that it is difficult to see how much it might change over the coming years. Our approach to both business and personal online and network safety is in an evolving and fluid state. If we stagnate then we will find ourselves in all sorts of trouble. Remember to close all of those doors behind you.

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