Anatomy of One Day Shipping

As more and more people have become comfortable with using the internet as a primary shopping tool, ecommerce companies have worked hard to meet the constantly-evolving expectations of their customers. Today, consumers expect companies to provide an online shopping experience that is quick, customized, and convenient. This has led many companies to develop new, competitive strategies and services that aim to keep customers coming back for more. One such strategy that some companies now offer to their customers is known as 1-day shipping. Despite what many online shoppers think, 1-day shipping does not always necessarily mean they will receive their items the very next day after ordering.

Instead, most companies that offer this service to customers are guaranteeing that the item purchased will be shipped one business day after it is available by the seller or retailer. In many cases, ecommerce companies will also list the estimated delivery date of an item separately from the guaranteed shipping date. In the case of Amazon Prime however, 1-day shipping does actually mean shoppers who have signed up for the service can expect to receive the item 24 hours after it has shipped. The following infographic illustrates the complex system Amazon has developed in order to be able to confidently offer this service (they have 80 fulfillment centers around the world). It also outlines how 1-day shipping models typically work, what Amazon has in store for the future of their shipping services (hint: same-day shipping), how other companies like eBay, Etsy, and Google are handling shipping demands.


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