Becoming a More Productive Worker

No matter what profession or line of work you are in, it is pretty much a guarantee that each and every person in the workforce has thought, “there just are not enough hours or not enough time in the day to get all my work finished”.  Becoming a More Productive WorkerIn many of these cases this statement is most likely true, however usually the most successful workers know how to prioritize and best use the time that they do have in the workday.  Here is a list of tips that will help workers use their valuable time most efficiently and become an overall more productive worker.

  • Keep a to-do list for everyday:
    Many people, including myself, sometimes neglect this tip because we think we can remember everything we have to do or we get lazy and just plain forget.  This maybe the simplest tip on this list but it may also be the most important because forgetting to do something of great importance during the work day can possibly be the start of your downfall.
  • Prioritize your tasks:
    This is an ongoing task that requires consistent updating and decision making.  To successfully meet your business goals you must be able to prioritize certain aspects of your workday and the decision making that comes along with it.  Keeping a priority list or having some other type of method to make sure you are prioritizing your work tasks will help guarantee you are focused on the things that will make you a more productive and a better worker.
  • Plan your work phone calls:
    Make sure to set aside a certain amount of time for each day to make all the phone calls you need to make for the day.  Instead of worrying about time zone changes and taking phone call’s throughout the day just get all of that out of the way during a specific time period you have previously set aside.  Also have a small time period set aside at the end of the work day so you can return any important phone calls that cannot wait tell the next day.
  • Keep your desk area clean and clutter free:
    Make sure to keep everything that is not being used consistently throughout the workday stored away in a place that is easy to access but not in your way.  Keep all physical files and e-mail organized so you don’t have to waste any precious time looking for work documents and mail.
  • Personalize and set your own working schedule:
    Not everyone works best at the same time of each day and everyone needs personalized break schedules throughout the workday to optimize their work performance.  Some people are just not morning people, so in this case the person should schedule more of their work for later in the day when they know they will be at a more optimum work performance.
  • Keep an ongoing to-do list throughout the workday:
    This tip is crucial in making certain you always have something to do and you are not wasting crucial work time thinking about or looking for what to do next.  Also make sure that at the end of each workday you create a to-do list for the next day so that you can get right to work when you arrive at the workplace the next morning.
  • Minimize distractions and in turn maximize work time:
    It is important to spend your break time wisely doing non work related things so that you are only spending work time on work related material.

As work and employment become more and more competitive, the continual need for motivated and productive employees also continues to increase.  While the tips above can be used in general terms for almost any worker in most industries, each individual person must personalize these tips to there own type of work and to what type of worker they are.  If you follow the basic fundamental messages of these tips they will make you a more productive and in turn a better employee that is more desirable to employers.


About Kiernan Hopkins

Kiernan Hopkins graduated from University of San Diego in 2010 with a degree in Business Administration. Kiernan now works as an outreach coordinator, and public relations associate for the Brooklyn based Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel, LLC. Kiernan is also a consistent guest contributor to a number of different legal news and small business blogs, including the Huffington Post.