Small Business Benefits of Renewable Energy Use

Americans rely largely on oil and gas for electricity to run their homes and small businesses.  renewable energyUnfortunately, much of the country’s supply of oil and gas comes from areas of the world that are hostile, unstable and don’t have a favorable view of the United States.  The demand for these resources is expected to eventually deplete the planet of them, and in an effort to preserve the planet for future generations, many energy providers and consumers are searching for ways to use renewable energy resources to save money each month.  Small business owners, environmental activists and average consumers are quickly joining in the push for America to become more energy independent from other countries.

The Benefits of Renewable Energy

Alternative energy is also known as renewable energy.  One of the main benefits of renewable energy is the fact that the supply will never run out.  Renewable energy uses resources that won’t deplete over time, such as wind, solar power and geothermal energy.  While alternative energy may have a few disadvantages and initial costs involved in the process, the benefits quickly overshadow any doubts about the effectiveness of these resources.

Bye Bye, Global Climate Change

Most Americans have heard about the effects of global warming and how human beings are negatively affecting the planet.  Emissions from oil and gas are a big part of the change in the atmosphere, and renewable energy options give consumers the opportunity to avoid harmful effects on the planet.

According to NJ natural gas company Plymouth Energy, the production of electricity accounts for close to 35% of the global warming emissions from the United States.  Renewable energy resources emit significantly lower amounts of harmful chemicals and contaminants into the atmosphere.  Using alternative energy allows you to sleep well at night knowing you are leaving a healthy planet for your children and grandchildren.

Environmental Quality and Personal Health

The chemicals emitted into the atmosphere from your energy use aren’t just harmful for the planet’s health.  Many of these chemicals are also detrimental to your physical health and can have serious lasting effects on your body.  Alternative energy sources keep the air that you breathe clean and aid in the process of keeping your body healthy.

Inexhaustible Supply

One of the biggest benefits of renewable energy resources is the fact that the supply can’t be exhausted or run out.  The alternative resources used to provide electricity are more stable simply because they are easily renewed.  Using alternative energy means that you are not forced to rely on another country to power your home.  You gain more control over your electric needs.

Economic Benefits

As alternative energy is researched and implemented, thousands of jobs are created for those who are struggling to make ends meet.  The economy is jumpstarted as money is pumped into new forms of energy and new industries.  Even with all the jobs that alternative energy has created, there is still much potential and much more work to be done with developing renewable energy methods that Americans can rely on.  This translates into more jobs for Americans.  Because these energy resources will be around for centuries to come, Americans can rest assured that their jobs are stable and will be around for many, many years.

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