Best Free Apps for a Manageable Morning Commute

For a small business owner, commuting can be a real nightmare with delays, traffic and overcrowding on the train or tube journey into the office.

Best Free Apps for a Manageable Morning Commute

Subway train on the inner circle line at Kelvinhall subway station, Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A recent survey, conducted by the New Cities Foundation, found that smartphones and tablet technology with connected apps can often be the sustenance small business owners need on these painful journeys into their offices. The study also found that unconnected commuters had a more unpleasant journey than those using apps to make the commute more of a pleasure.

Want to make your commute that bit more enjoyable? The tech experts at Steatite Limited have gathered their top five apps designed to make your morning (and evening) commute more manageable, and best of all, each one is free of charge to download and use!

Traffic Management App: Waze

This Android app allows users to keep up to date with the latest traffic updates in their areas with regular road alerts and road condition analysis in real time. The Waze community is already 30 million strong and a popular choice amongst commuters looking to outsmart troublesome traffic and even save time and money by looking for an alternate route to work. The smartphone mapping and navigation app learns your favourite routes and alerts you about common issues faced during commuting hours such as accidents, road closures and other potential hazards.

Pocket Your Favourites from the Web

Prepare everything you need for a more interactive commute with Pocket. This app can be used without WiFi so is ideal for subway, tube or train journeys that may have limited access to the net. Pocket lets you to save whatever you want from the web, allowing you to read an article, view a video or play a podcast wherever you are. You can save material from other apps that you may otherwise need an internet connection to access too.

Playlists for Every Occasion

According to another study analysing the stresses of commuting, listening to our favourite songs can reduce the anxiety faced by many commuters and elevate your mood for the working day ahead. Songza is the perfect route to a stress-free commute, this music concierge service allows you to choose songs and make playlists based on your mood or a particular occasion. Whether you are working, relaxing, exercising or commuting, you can curate a fitting playlist for a handmade and defining music experience.

Having Trouble Finding a Parking Space?

Many commuters make their journey into work via car and whilst this method of transport may counter any overcrowding problems, it does come with an added challenge that is a major cause of stress for commuting drivers. Whilst Sat Navs provide ‘locate parking’ features, these can often be unreliable, out of date or miles away from your workplace, however the Smartpark app helps you find a place to park and provides you with a car compass to find your way back just in case you are unfamiliar with the location. Smartpark also reminds you when your parking ticket is due to expire so you can keep on top of costs digitally.

Find the Cheapest Fuel Around with GasBuddy

Is the cost of commuting driving you up the wall? GasBuddy helps you to locate the cheapest fuel prices around so that commuting is stress-free and cost effective. This app reports on the very latest fuel prices allowing you to save money at the pump.

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