Best Marketing and Social Media Blogs by Women

There are many amazing and absolutely stunning ladies that have taken the plunge into the free market of Internet and made blogs on the topic of marketing and social media. Women are taking over the blogosphere and they do it amazingly well. Content is the king online and it makes no difference if you are male or female if your blog is relevant, well made and popular.Women bloggers Therefore, this is a very good ground for the development and the growth of female blogging. Internet, marketing and social media have been aching for a woman’s touch and they have it now. Here are some of the blogs written by amazing female bloggers.

Tachipedia is a blog about the social media, created by Tamar Weinberg. She is a social media expert, as well as Internet Marketing expert and she offers her consulting services to Mashable’s Global Advertising Director. Tamar has over 15 years of experience in social media. That, and the fact that her writing is very readable and easy to comprehend make her blog one of the most influential around.

Kikolani is a blog on SEO, Internet Marketing and all the other things that can make your online career. Sooner or later, if you are following the blogs on these topics, you will end up at that Kikolani blog. This is only one of the blogs and sites on this topic that are made by Kristi Hines who is a freelance blogger. It is very useful and packed with tips for professional bloggers.

Harvard Business Review sounds very serious and important. And it is! This is a blog made by Rita Gunther McGrath who works as a professor at Columbia Business School. She started this blog only for Harvard initially, but now, it has grown into a very big business with several offices around the world. Rita specializes in harsh business environments, so it is no wonder that every one of her articles is read by everyone, everywhere!

One Woman Marketing can look like a pastime blog at the first glance. That is because of its cheerful and fun design. Also, the writing style that Kelly Kautz uses there makes it very fun to read. However, that doesn’t diminish the fact that she writes one of the most influential blogs on marketing today. Very precious and valuable insight on marketing is lightened and spiced up with occasional articles on being a working mom. This lively female dimension in her writing makes this blog even more interesting and authentic.

Advarblog has been a very important part of the marketing blogosphere ever since 2003. Since then, Martina Zavagno has been writing and giving advice on marketing and advertising. What started as a self-promotion blog that was originaly designed to help Martine land a job, turned into a team of writers that offer great insights into the world of advertising.

Nettie Hartsock is the name of a blog and of its author. Nettie used to be a journalist, so that fact alone promises a well-crafted style of her articles. However, besides carefully chosen words, her blog is full of great and insightful advice on marketing. This is a great combination and a truly successful one. That is why Nettie is one of the experts that are always gladly read by everyone who wants new info on marketing.

About Diana Smith

Diana is a part time blogger from Australia. In her free time she loves to blog about new marketing ideas and branding. She has been recently interested in innovating promotional items that can improve small business visibility.