Big Corporate Lawsuits (Infographic)

Corporate lawsuits are widely prevalent. At any given time, the average large corporation in the U.S. can be juggling 37 lawsuits simultaneously. Lawsuits can also be fairly costly for companies on both sides of the table. It is estimated that litigation costs represent more than seventy percent of overall legal spending by the average U.S. business. In addition, many corporations fight lawsuits in which $20 million or more is at stake.

Some corporate lawsuits are better known and followed by the public than others.Take the alleged “chili finger” case against Wendy’s, in which a woman filed a lawsuit against the fast food chain after claiming she found a human fingertip in her chili (it turns out she was the one who actually planted the finger). Or the more recent Apple vs. Samsung case that had many of us wondering if and how the verdict would affect the smartphone devices we have all come to love and depend on. The following infographic highlights a few big corporate lawsuits, and includes information on the companies involved, the issues at hand, how much money was at stake, and what the final verdicts were.

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