4 Reasons Every Small Business Owner Should Hire a Business Consultant

small business consulting

Small businesses have six major functions, i.e., production, research, and purchasing. The other three are marketing, human resource management, and accounting. Each function contributes to the success of the enterprise. Similarly, periodic improvements are necessary for all of them. Most small businesses hire consultants to advise them on these improvements. These consultants help by analyzing the situation. Then they propose viable solutions. However, the cost of hiring a consultant is significant. Consequently, some business owners choose to forfeit these services. Doing so is a mistake because consulting is an invaluable service. Here are … [Read more...]

How to Achieve and Maintain a Sustainable Small Business

Sustainablility in small business

Today, in an era of when technology is developing at a faster pace than ever and data drives every decision. Companies have a responsibility to pay close attention to issues of environmental responsibility, analyse and optimize their ecological footprint and effectively use technology to preserve the environment. It sounds easy if you say it quickly enough, but what does it really involve?Preserving and recycling We have all had the importance of recycling drilled into us, but it means more than throwing your drinks can into the appropriate bin. Manufacturers and shippers can use recycled materials for packing and shipping, while in … [Read more...]

Flexibility, Professional, Affordable – What Can You Expect From Virtual Offices?

Virtual Offices

Indonesia’s commercial real estate market is similar to others where the closer you get into the city the higher the rents.  A few of the other issues that those looking to lease space in this country relates to infrastructural issues that can make securing an office difficult.  For the most part, unless you can connect with someone in the know, finding office space through a serviced office provider can be one way to alleviate finding space in this country.Generally speaking, because there is an overgrowth of buildings in some cities compounded by infrastructural issues, the rents in prestigious locations are high. One solution is to … [Read more...]

Small Business Tips and Tricks: Internal Software for Enhanced Productivity

small business Productivity

Whether you have a small business that produces profits in the hundreds or thousands, or millions, productivity and professionalism must reign to keep up appearances. Both software and hardware have been used interchangeably to help the salesforce post numbers and improve the company's bottom line. Certain software apps, such as Zynbit.com, are able to bridge gaps in customer service and sales knowledge.Disconnected WorldAs technology has risen, so has the emergence of disconnected devices. You might have email, company databases and websites to access as a salesperson. Each area requires a different password, and they certainly don't … [Read more...]

Are Small Business Loans a Solution for the Latino Community?

small business lender

Have you put your business plans on hold because you don't think you'd qualify for a small business loan? You've even heard that Latino and other minority communities aren't considered loan worthy among traditional bank lenders. In fact, the word on the street is that minorities generally pay higher interest rates on smaller loans. Without access to working capital you already know there won't be sustainable cash flow to operate your business.Your formidable concerns are daunting and cast a shadow over your dreams. You may feel left behind before you even begin. But read ahead. There may be solutions available.According to Forbes … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Marketing is of Upmost Importance For Your Small Business

small business marketing

No matter how great your product or service is, it won’t make much impact if marketing is absent. A proper marketing strategy is a key that will unlock your small business and launch it to success. Here are 3 reasons marketing is of the upmost importance:   It Gives Your Small Business VisibilityThe reason for your business’ existence is to solve a specific problem by offering a particular product or service. Your business is part of an existing industry and there are other businesses meeting the demand from the target market.For your business to reach out to its target customers and accomplish its mission, it needs to be … [Read more...]

5 Ways Having a Merchant Account will Improve your Small Business

merchant account

A merchant account allows a small business to receive payments from multiple modes of payment options. This means that a business can have clients pay for their goods through credit cards or debit cards. When a small business operates a merchant account, it means that they have the advantage of receiving money from their clients. This is one of the most common modes of payments. In this article, we shall discuss some of the advantages of using ivr payments as the best merchant account.There are many opportunities and value additions that come with the use of a merchant account. A business that operates a merchant account has their … [Read more...]

How To Make The Most Profitable Franchise Business Plan

How To Make The Most Profitable Franchise Business Plan

You’ve started your own company and you’ve been running it for a significant amount of time. Everything’s going great, money’s coming in, but could you possibly accomplish more? Maybe it’s time for you to take the next step: business expansion. And what could be more obvious than creating a business franchise?You can be sure that the road is going to be long and winding, and if not full of dangers, before you become the next Ray Kroc, Fred DeLuca, or the rest of the most successful franchises in the world. So, this would be the best time to take a look at what you have so far and see if franchising would be the best direction for your … [Read more...]

Why Benefits like Company Cars Can Help You Retain Staff

company car

Prospective employees do everything they can to make themselves seem more competitive to potential employers. However, with nearly every market growing, employers now must also formulate ways to seem appealing to their employees.Providing company cars to your staff is a brilliant way to attract and motivate determined new hires who might otherwise look elsewhere for a new job.Cutting CostsWhen it comes to jobs and careers, the main motivator has always been money. Money can affect an employee’s lifestyle and therefore their work productivity. Happy employees have been proven to work harder, quicker, and more efficiently. By … [Read more...]

4 Small Business Tips to Create Engaging Marketing Videos

videos for small business

Trying to create engaging marketing videos for small businesses can be tough, and you probably don’t exactly have a large budget to hire a professional. The good news is that engaging marketing videos don’t have to cost a lot – all they require is the right approach.If you want to start creating videos that have a bigger impact on viewers and drive them to action, here are a few tips:Keep each video short and directEvery marketing video that you create should be short and direct. Don’t beat around the push or try to shove multiple messages into your video, but instead focus on one message per video.Basically the shorter your … [Read more...]

How a Small Business can Deal with Seasonal Telephone Surges

small business call center

Many small businesses experience seasonal surges and at festive times like Christmas and New Year, the phone lines are jammed, which is when things start to go awry. The rest of the year, we have everything covered and things work well, yet those busy few weeks stretch your resources to the limit and consequently, customer service suffers. If you are dreading the coming holiday for that very reason, you may want to consider using a virtual receptionist service. You can add as many lines as you wish, covered by remotely located qualified telephone receptionists, who know their stuff, and for a fraction of the cost of directly employing your … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Increase Your Motivation for Running A Small Business


Researchers have proposed ways that can be used by people who run a small business to improve their business output or productivity. These simple and easy ways help a person work smarter and harder, thus helps the business grow quickly and effectively. In this article, we are going to share with you a few tips that are derived from these research findings. 1.  Wonders of Good Body Language Body language is something that is very basic, yet is ignored. It can be utilized to increase work motivation to run a business and improve productivity. It is the body language of a person that presents him before others. People make judgments based on … [Read more...]

Why WordPress is the Best Web Design Platform for Small Business

Why WordPress is the Best Web Design Platform for Small Business

Having a website is not only a good idea for an upcoming business or blog: in today’s technologically sound world, it is necessary. But if you feel you don’t have the resources or knowledge to create your own website, think again. WordPress has been the premiere source for website design, being used for things such as personal blogs to professional business sites.Said to occupy 26% of the internet, WordPress sites are popping up every day for a wide variety of uses. WordPress is not only the most common of website domains, it is also one of the easiest to use. Pair that with the fact that its most basic platform is free, and you can … [Read more...]

Here’s why Millennials Prefer Government Jobs over one at your Small Business

Why millennials prefer government jobs over private jobs

When you think about government jobs, you do not exactly picture a group of 20-somethings teeming in the office. However, the times are changing and the millennials now are increasingly interested in government jobs over private jobs. One of the basic proofs of this shift in interest is evident from the number of young candidates appearing for government exams like IES, IAS, and so on. The government is looking to fill thousands of posts at any given time and the skills asked for match perfectly with the abilities they possess. The following are a few of the reasons why millennials are increasingly opting for government jobs.A sense of … [Read more...]

How to Boost Your Small Business’s Website Traffic

How to Boost Your Small Business’s Website Traffic

Coming up with effective advertising strategies is a hit or miss. Trends are changing hourly and top-level companies have entire departments devoted to following the trends and creating advertising campaigns to match. They have the advantage of a team hired specifically to market their products to the public. How is a hard-working, honest small business owner supposed to compete with a multi-billion-dollar corporation?Sometimes it feels like you and your team against the world, but there are plenty of ways to spread the word about the services and/or products your small business offers.Let’s look at some strategies to get people … [Read more...]

4 Design Tips for Your Startup Small Business Website

small business web design

Creating your own business is undeniably daunting: there’s a lot you’ll need to do to get it up and running the way you want. You’ll spend almost every minute of your days working on marketing, sales, funding, your business plan, taxes, legal stuff, and your customers. Your website’s design will seem like such a small and insignificant thing to worry about.While it may seem unimportant, getting your website right the first time will save you a lot of trouble. Plus, having a website that is set up well and looks good is a great way to drive sales up quickly. The following are a few tips on how to make a great website for your startup … [Read more...]

Growing Your Small Business Using Information Technology Software

Small Business Goals

Starting a small business is a dream for many individuals as they would like to have a company that specializes in offering products and services they are passionate about. A person may have the idea of starting a company to sell fashion clothing and other designer attire, especially when such individuals have a passion for fashion. However, before starting a small business, there are several factors that entrepreneurs are supposed to adhere so that they can have a business that operates seamlessly. One of the critical strategies that companies should have is an excellent IT system that helps a company to achieve goals.Entrepreneurs might … [Read more...]

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Hiring the Perfect Employee

Hiring the perfect employee

Small businesses have been the backbone of the American economy for as long as we have been a country. Only in recent times have the large corporations accounted for the majority of employees in the country (around 75% right now). The economy, the cost of living, and the constant desire for more can leave many small businesses scrambling for employees that are dependable, passionate, and hirable.Thanks to things like social media and online job boards, finding the perfect employee is a little easier than the “sign in the window” days, but sometimes this can backfire when a person seems like a perfect fit over the internet, but their … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Maintain Customer Satisfaction in Your Small Business

small business customer service

Every small business owner who is smart and experienced knows the worth of customer satisfaction. They know that losing a single customer mean a significant loss each year. Moreover, it takes six to seven times more investment to search for a new customer than to retain your previous customer. In this article, we are going to share with you five top points that will explain  customer satisfaction. Worth of Word of Mouth Marketing For every small business, word of mouth marketing is the biggest asset that can be used to satisfy customers. It is a very well-known, reliable and effective way used by many small business owners. Using this … [Read more...]

5 Workplace Safety Tips to Get More out of Your Small Business Benefits

Workplace Safety Tips for Small Business

Small businesses can suffer disproportionately when it comes to workplace accidents more than your typical multinational corporation. Medical claims due to accidents sustained during the course of work can certainly eat up into your insurance plan. It’s safe to say that no one really wants to spend on accidents that could have been easily prevented in the first place.When it comes to workplace safety, preparation and a proactive stance are key. Mismanaged or misidentified hazards in the workplace paint a picture of a careless business. Aside from increasing worker security, implementing a safety-focused stance also lets you maximize your … [Read more...]

3 Strategies to Retain Your Top Performers and Keep Them Motivated

hiring talent

Small businesses invest thousands of dollars per employee to attract, train and retain top talent. These dollars are wasted, however, when associates jump ship to pursue opportunities elsewhere.  Keeping teams happy, and motivated to perform their best, is challenging for even the most successful leaders.It Takes More than Money to Motivate Top PerformersMany managers assume that simply offering pay raises will prevent key people from leaving. A 2018 study reported by CNBC shows that top talent is less concerned about their rate of pay, however, and is more concerned about working for empathetic businesses. Working for someone that … [Read more...]

What Things Do You Need for a Productive Office?

small business decor

You’re writing out your small business plan and have now come to the part where you need to make a list of all the things your business will need so that you can estimate how much funding to ask for.  Naturally, the type of things you will need will depend upon the nature of the business and the number of people who will be working for you. Let’s assume that you’re not opening up a store, but just need to outfit an office for five people.Some of the things you will need to be productive as soon as you’re open for business are computers and equipment, supplies & accessories, regular furniture, miscellaneous furniture, and lighting. … [Read more...]

How to Manage Your Personal Finances as an Entrepreneur

small business finances

Being a small business entrepreneur means you get to know more about investing, organizing and saving funds for your business, which will help in the long run. Whatever small business you run, it is important that you stay on top of your finances and be in control of your own money, to aid the survival of your business.While it is easy to think entrepreneurs have the upper hand in handling finances effectively, it could also be the other way round, and some tend to lose out. A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of tying their personal finances closely with their business return or running both in a terrible way that eventually affects … [Read more...]

3 Drop Shipping Success Stories to Inspire Your Own Small Business

3 Drop Shipping Success Stories to Inspire Your Own Business

Regardless of their experience level in the e-commerce world, e-retailers have likely heard of, looked into, or established a drop shipping model for their online store.If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, drop shipping enables a company to operate without maintaining inventory, owning a warehouse, storing products, or shipping them. All of this is accomplished by partnering with a drop shipping supplier. This can take a lot off of an e-retailer’s plate, which is why it’s becoming a more popular avenue for e-entrepreneurs.Here are three drop shipping success stories to inspire your own business.So AestheticJustin Wong … [Read more...]

How to Start a Lead Generation Marketing Business

small business marketing

Lead generation remains quite a hot topic in terms of marketing businesses, and this is primarily because it's one of the many you can actually start with the right resources and the proper business direction. After all, the right approach to lead generation can do wonders to a business. And a business that can provide the right thrust towards lead generation marketing to clients can benefit greatly from this budding market. However, this is neither saying that starting a lead generation marketing business is easy nor extremely difficult. Rather, you can actually achieve more with your current resources, manpower, and mindset given proper … [Read more...]

Why Are Computers So Important to Your Small Business?  

small business computer

Imagine trying to run your small business, no matter what its size or sector, without at least a laptop to help you. In all but a few very exceptional cases, it simply can’t be done. If there is one piece of equipment that every business needs, it is a computer of some kind. This wasn’t the case just a few years ago; pens and paper were perfectly fine, and everything worked just as it should, but the world has moved on dramatically when it comes to technology, and now these simple methods are no longer going to help you.Any business that doesn’t take full advantage of the technology available to them through computing, including apps and … [Read more...]

7 Things Every Small Business Should Do Online

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Starting a small business is not for everyone. The risks that small business owners take can cause quite a number of sleepless nights. Setting up the business is the toughest part. Any misstep in the planning phase takes a toll in the long run. If you want to have a strong and successful business planning is key.A successful business plan today is heavily internet reliant. Here are a few businesses needs you should go online for.Employee HuntingWhen setting up your small business you cannot do it alone. You need to hire employees to take care of various aspects of your business. Getting the right person for the job is easier than … [Read more...]

Recruiting Talent to Your Team – 4 Tips for Small Business Owners

Recruiting Talent to Your Team - 4 Tips for Small Business Owners

Navigating the complex dynamic of the business environment is a challenge for any entrepreneur. Most business owners are kept busy handling marketing, finance, and legal issues, so much so that they neglect the most precious area of their business, their team.Without your team, your business is dead in the water, are you doing everything you can to retain talent and attract new employees?Every small business owner needs an employee development program that uplifts and empowers their staff. By training your team, you create an incentive for your future and current staff, as well as a company culture that promotes and rewards employee … [Read more...]

The Small Business Owner and Google RankBrain

small business seo

A small business owner doesn't need to think too hard to figure out who the most popular search engine globally is. The folks at seotribunal.com sent us an infographic which makes it pretty clear. Google handled 86.3% of all search engine traffic. It hasn’t just taken pole position. It has basically lapped its competitors and headed for the podium before any of the others have even made it out of the starting gates. What is it that makes Google such a force to be reckoned with? It is pretty simple – innovation. The company started out by finding a better way to do things and has stuck firmly by that philosophy over the last few years. The … [Read more...]

Using Technology to Launch your Small Business

launch your small business

Are you an ambitious and determined small business owner or entrepreneur? Do you have a fantastic idea for a new business? Would you like to get started as soon as possible? If your answer to these questions is yes, it is important that you are embracing all that technology has to offer. Otherwise, you will be at a significant disadvantage to your industry peers. If you are unsure as to how technology can help you to launch your small business, you should work your way through the following four steps. They will help you to push forward with your launch and will ensure your small business has what it takes to thrive in a digital … [Read more...]