4 Challenges of Starting a New Small Business

Challenges of Starting a New Small Business

Starting a small business may sound easy considering it’s a “small business”, but the reality is there are numerous problems that often larger businesses don’t even have to deal with.  Tasks can be overwhelming when only one or two people are running the business,and there is no money to pay someone else to fix constantly arising problems.  Below are common challenges most small business owners will face.Human DependenceWhen you stop running, the business stops running.  If you only have 2 employees and 1 employee becomes sick, what do you do?  You might say hire more people, but that’s another problem.  Every person added to your … [Read more...]

How to deliver an effective mobile messaging campaign

Mobile marketing

With the vast majority of the world's population owning a mobile phone, it's little wonder that mobile messaging campaigns are so popular with marketers. Hardly is a phone ever out of the consumer's sight, thus potential for creating a beneficial relationship and receiving a great return on investment is high.You probably know the basics: campaigns should be on-going, not a 'one-off', content should be personal and relevant, your database must be legally complaint... But what else? Here's a quick guide on how to deliver a brilliant mobile messaging campaign...Build trust through transparencyNo-one wants to provide their … [Read more...]

How Can Small Businesses Win Federal Contracts?

Win federal contracts

The federal government spends more than five hundred billion dollars per year in contracts. This makes them the world’s leading purchaser of services and goods. Small businesses in the United States should and can take the benefit of the contracting opportunities by which they can grow their small business.Obama, the US President, has made small business contracts a topmost priority. He made an inter-agency task force that developed recommendations for increasing the small business contracts. He even signed the Small Business Jobs Act that levels the playing field and upsurges the access to the federal contracting opportunities for the … [Read more...]

Low Pricing Can Kill Your Business!

Pricing strategy

It was one of those days you don’t ever forget.  Like JFK’s assassination, the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion, and O.J.’s acquittal.  I remember exactly where I was the day I lost a sale because my fee was too low!It was February 12, 1990 which happened to be my Dad’s birthday.  I was at Corning Medical in Medfield, Massachusetts meeting with three people in their international marketing department.  They were all “leaning in” as I showed them samples of my work publicizing products in Western Europe and were asking relevant questions about our approach and the specific services we provide.   Clearly interested and impressed, they … [Read more...]

Sex and Sales

Sex and sales are believed to have a lot of things in common. In both cases the first impression is what determines the end result. After all, no matter whether you want to impress a girl or you are trying to sell a product, it all comes down to proper communication and the laws of attraction. Otherwise all your efforts will be in vain. DesireAlthough we have already started talking about sex and sales, we must consider the fact that the person in front of us must be on board. You cannot simply force someone to buy your products if the product lacks the traits they desire. A person either needs a certain product, or he doesn't. The … [Read more...]

Simple Tricks to Win Negotiations

Strategy execution success

Although negotiating a deal is like an art, not many people are willing to pay attention and learn how things are done. A good negotiator should base his work on creating new ideas and negotiating different ways of implementing them.Considering that counterparts are not always very tolerant, you will have to find different ways of connecting with them until they become willing to work with you. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you shouldn’t let yourself influenced by your counterpart in any way. If you want to make sure that everything goes by the book, the five tricks described below will definitely come in handy.Self-PromotionA … [Read more...]

10 Best Marketing Blogs Today


If you want to be a better marketer, you can start by learning from the best in the business. Many of the world's top marketing gurus offer free advice on their blogs, the best marketing blogs in the business. In addition, many other marketing blogs are collectives of great marketing ideas submitted by marketing experts from around the world. You can become a better marketer today simply by reading the following 10 marketing blogs.1. Content VerveContent is king, an adage every marketer knows. Great content drives traffic, engages customers and motivates action. Content Verve is a blog that covers the art and science of creating … [Read more...]

Are You Sure Your Business is Safe?

Businesses, regardless of your trade and industry, are the major targets in any hacker’s hit list. The profit of stealing data from professional organizations is more rewarding than breaking into the system of a total stranger. In the confines of a company’s database lies a profound collection of information that will allow them to steal your finances, your organizational records, personal records, client transactions, and vital operations and use them to blackmail you.Every year, thousands of companies and national governments spend billions to keep their computer networks safe. It isn’t a choice to go offline now that society, both in … [Read more...]

Mobile Connectivity: Boosting Small Business Competitiveness

Small business mobility

Studies have shown that some small businesses actually get a competitive boost from the BYOD (bring your own device) movement, which helps their employees get their jobs done more efficiently through various smartphone features, mobile apps, and just as important, a reliable mobile connection. Some of the industries to which mobile usage and connectivity serves as a helpful boost to business operations include: Shipping and delivery It is almost self-explanatory as to why and how important mobile business practices are to the shipping and delivery industry. With the goal of getting shipments transported from one location to another, this … [Read more...]

5 money saving tips (don’t forget the little things)

Money saving tips for small business

Money saving tips, as the owner or part of the management team of a small business, we all look for them. The questions we face are whether or not they're useful to us, and where and how do we use them. Most of the time, your major overhead cost saving avenues will be fairly clear, and implementation will be your biggest hurdle. But many of us focus on those big ticket items to the point that we lose sight of all the other ways we could be cutting costs daily. We all forget the little things sometimes, and sure, the fifty cents a day here and ten cents a day there don’t seem like much, but when you add them all together you can see the … [Read more...]

Four Tips to Help You Succeed as a Courier Business

Courier service

There was a time when getting a parcel or important document delivered left you at the mercy of the courier company. Delivery times were dictated by the couriers, rather than by customers and if you wanted to take receipt of a parcel, it meant waiting in all day.Times have changed though and these days the customer is king. The result is a rising demand for tailored and personal courier services that are fast, efficient and reliable. Smaller courier companies can now have as much success as the bigger players. If you're considering setting up as a courier, then here are four tips to getting the business success you want.1. Setting up … [Read more...]

Small Changes That Make a Big Difference To Your Website

There are many ways in which web design can directly impact on SEO and many seemingly insignificant details that can hugely impact on your visitors’ ability to find and use your website. If you want to be successful working online in fact, then a meticulous attention to detail is something that can serve you incredibly well and a highly important trait to develop. Here we will look at one incredibly small change you could make to your site – removing a single JPG – and why it’s such a useful thing to do.Why You Have too Many JPGsIf you’re trying to turn your site into an efficient money-making machine, then it’s incredibly important … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Improve Your Store Employees’ Performance

Encouraging your store employees to work faster and more efficiently will naturally lead to a more successful business. Far too many workers remain disengaged in their current position, which ultimately hurts the company as a whole. When workers are disengaged, they will show up to work simply to get a paycheck without any real drive or passion. As a company owner and/or executive, it's your responsibility to keep your employees engaged; keep reading for 3 ways to improve your employees' performance.#1 – Reduce DistractionsDistractions are a serious concern that may prevent employees from working at 100%. Employees who are distracted … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Improve Your Business Card Today

funny business card

Your business card is the classic marketing tool. It's what potential customers expect when you meet. And therein lies the problem: far too many business cards look exactly how you would expect them to. Which is to say, they look just like everyone else's. Naturally, your business card has to contain certain elements: your name, company name, logo and contact information. But you don't have to have the same layout or design as everyone else. To stick in potential customers' memory, your business card has to surprise them. If you want a better business card, here are five ways you can improve your business card today.1. Print on the … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Online Surveys Can Boost SME’s Marketing Efforts

online survey software

"Knowledge is Power," Sir Francis Bacon once said and knowing what your customers need and want is a powerful tool in designing your marketing efforts and improving your products. Getting that knowledge used to be time-consuming and expensive. Questionnaires by snail mail, telephone calls, or focus groups - they all work to varying degrees, but the cost and energy involved is often prohibitive for the small business owner.Enter online surveys.  Numerous companies offer free online survey software solutions, so there's no need for your business to lose out in the knowledge-is-power arena. Let's take a look at why free online surveys should … [Read more...]

How To Improve Creativity In Your Office

How To Improve Creativity In Your Office

A creative workforce is more important than ever in today’s economic climate. For a business to survive, it needs to be innovative, imaginative, and able to come up with ideas that are a little out of the ordinary. But with day-to-day tasks to take of, it’s easy to slip into routines and never get fully into the creative flow.Here, we take a look at how you can improve creativity in your office.Don’t get carried away with the rulesAll businesses need rules for the workforce, but don’t just set boundaries for the sake of it. Giving staff a little freedom will help them to feel valued, and give them the space they need to be … [Read more...]

The Simple Marketing Idea to Turn Customers into Your Advertisers

Small businesses should not disregard the power of having a physical presence in the real world. In this regard, physical promotional items have an important role to play and, of these, branded carrier bags are understood by marketing experts to be an exceedingly effective marketing tool.Building these into a marketing strategy is a cheaper option, than advertisement campaigns, celebrity endorsements and the like, while the fact that people simply cannot live without bags attests to their reusability, ensuring that your marketing campaign has a long reach.Demise of the Plastic BagEveryone needs cheap bags to carry shopping and the … [Read more...]

How Web Conferencing can Benefit Your Small Businesses

Web conferencing is widely used as a tool for communication these days. With it, you can easily text, call and even video call people regardless of their locations and how far away they are. A web conferencing service used to text other people and share photos and other files with them only makes use of simple instant messaging software. On the other hand, a web conferencing service used for video calling makes use of an advanced and extensive platform.Small businesses are also among those who are users of web conferencing services. They usually make use of this technology to pitch sales presentations or show demonstrations to … [Read more...]

I Switched To Genesis for WordPress In Under 2 Hours And Here’s Why

For the unknowing, Genesis is a Wordpress platform enabling small businesses to manage and control their Wordpress websitesNow, you might be wondering why someone from a Wordpress theme development company, who doesn't make Genesis child themes, might be blogging specifically about the Genesis theme. Great Question Story time. You see, Photocrati doesn't just make a WordPress theme. In fact, we also make one of the most popular WordPress gallery plugin in the directory. In addition, we run many websites dedicated to the photography industry. The one I will be talking about in this article is Seven By Five, which is a community driven … [Read more...]

How to Keep Employees Happy in a High Pressure Environment

Most modern jobs involve some element of stress. Software developers face the dreaded "crunch time", where they rush to finish a project or meet a major development milestone. Sales people have to worry about making enough commission to bolster their paychecks, and customer service workers have performance targets to meet. No matter what industry you work in, there's always some element of "perform or go home" to contend with. Coping with all of that pressure is not easy.Happy workers are productive workers. As a small business employer, it's your job to ensure that your employees are comfortable, content and able to perform to the best … [Read more...]

Why Mobile Optimization Is Important for Small Businesses

Telecommunications is like the world's central nervous system. Interconnected through complex networks, through mobile phones, tablets, PCs, telephones, TVs and other gadgets linked via the Internet, this global system reaches and affects nearly everyone. This is the system that allows us to communicate and share thoughts, ideas, and conduct business with anyone, anywhere in the world.More people are using mobile phones and mobile-based servicesAt the end of 2012, according to a mobiThinking.com report, The International Telecommunication Union estimated about 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions, a figure that is equivalent to 96% of the … [Read more...]

3 Surveillance Solutions for your Small Business


One of the most important aspects of any business is security. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is one of the foremost responsibilities of the business owner. He/She must take every effort to make sure that the security and safety of the business can be as close to being unimpeachable as possible. In order to accomplish that, the business owner has to make sure that he or she has all ends covered as far as security is concerned and the persons who are in charge of security are kept in the loop regarding all developments. Since time immemorial, shops or workshops have been under a constant risk of being compromised due to different … [Read more...]

How Workplace Coaching Can Help Your Small Business Succeed

The idea of workplace coaching really took off between the 1930s and the 1980s with a ton of studies being done to show how long time employees could train new ones, how sales people could be coached (and why), how managers could coach and how supervisors could become coaches. The idea was to teach businesses how to train and teach and mentor their newest employees in order to improve productivity, increase levels of attitude and confidence and help everyone keep learning in order to make everyone more successful as a whole.Nowadays there are actually several different types of coaching, depending on who’s doing the coaching and who’s … [Read more...]

Why Print Marketing Still Has Value

Print marketing

There’s no denying that the internet has changed the marketing world in a very powerful way, particularly over the last ten years. Email marketing, search engine optimization, and social media, along with many other digital forums have revolutionized the way we do business. So while it’s easy for many of us to jump to the conclusion that print may be losing its relevance, this is simply not the case.  In fact, print marketing can still be the best vehicle for delivering a message to its intended audience; the trick is knowing what those instances are.The Permanence Of PrintThe one thing print media will always have over digital media … [Read more...]

8 Reasons Why Automating Your Workflow Is Good for Your Small Business

Automating Your Workflow Is Good for You

Workflow management is usually linked to project management. Conceptually, they share similarities. However, the common mistake that most people have is to believe that the two terms mean exactly the same thing. They do not. Let's start with establishing that workflow management and project management are not interchangeable. Workflow management vs. project management A workflow is the series at which tasks are organized in order to reach a desired goal. It can be likened to the content of a to-do checklist, a sequence of required chores that must be followed through to produce a desired outcome.A workflow is usually simpler in nature, … [Read more...]

Advertising and Marketing Options for Smaller Companies

With the economy as it is, it has never been more crucial for small companies and organisations to keep the tightest of grips on their expenditure, in all areas of their work. This is especially true for aspects of their business that are important, but not integral to the day-to-day running of the business, and many small companies take the route of cutting all such expenditure entirely.One area in which small businesses do tend to cut all expense when times are tough is that of advertising and marketing. This is true, as many smaller companies who have a loyal customer base and feel the need to cut costs, believe that they can do … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Getting a Foothold as a New Small Business

Starting a new business is concurrently one of the most daunting and one of the most exciting things that you can do in the corporate world. Whatever your experience, skills and knowledge and in whatever sector, starting and running a new business can be risky and immensely scary, but it can also be massively rewarding, financially and otherwise.Despite the difficult economic climate, which does sometimes benefit the larger, more established companies, who can withstand storms better than smaller organisations, it is still possible for new small businesses to flourish. In order to do this, however, it is important that new companies do … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Workplace Conflicts

Stressful EnvironmentsIt's often said that it's a “dog eat dog" world. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of business, especially when the economy isn't doing so well. With tough competition, small businesses have to struggle to survive and this can cause a lot of stress and conflict within the office. High targets are needed, in order to make a profit, but as workers are put under increasing pressure, this can lead to tempers being short among the staff, or between staff and bosses, who may appear to be imposing unrealistic expectations from above.All in all, this can lead to a very stressful environment and conflict can … [Read more...]

Discrimination in the Workplace – Have Things Changed?

We all know that discrimination in any form is a Bad Thing and many of us will agree that it is something we should not do and also claim not to do but the fact is, we all discriminate occasionally. Fortunately for a lot of us it never gets further than a fleeting thought for which we berate ourselves for even allowing it to cross our minds. Other cases are not so disciplined however and the sad truth is, discrimination is alive today, and the workplace is no exception. As we observe LGBT month, it seems like an apt time to reflect on the issue and it is worth asking ourselves whether things really have improved in the workplace. The good … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Greeting Cards Can Make Your Business Stand Out

Do you engage in greeting card marketing? If not, you might be missing a golden opportunity to foster long-term customer loyalty and land immediate sales. Here are five reasons to send greeting cards to market your business.1. Send greeting cards to express gratitudeKnow what customers appreciate? Companies that appreciate their business. Greeting cards can be an integral part of a comprehensive customer service commitment. Not only should your company's representatives and support team be friendly and helpful, you should thank your customers for choosing your company instead of your competitors. Be sincere, and customers will … [Read more...]