5 Simple Ways to Reduce Printing Costs

Reduce printing costs

In the current economic climate, most businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs wherever they can.  One area where a lot of businesses could save money is on printing.  In addition to the cost of paper and ink, offices also have to account for storage and filing costs, and wasted man hours.  Fortunately, there are a number of simple ways to reduce your printing costs.  We’re going to take a look at some of these in this article. 1. Choose an Economical Printer It’s easy to choose a brand name printer that’s advertised as being all singing, all dancing, but if your office doesn’t need a printer of this standard, you’re just wasting … [Read more...]

Effective Ways to Test New Business Ideas

Small Business ideas

Do you believe you have a business idea that has the potential to allow you to create a successful and profitable new business? Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs believe they do, but they eventually find out that their dream of starting such a venture turns into a nightmare. To avoid this situation, it's essential to test a new small business idea before committing too much money and resources and you can do this in the following ways. Place Your Business in Front of Your Market To quickly find out if shoppers and customers want your products or services, you must place them in front of your potential market. However, this can be a costly … [Read more...]

Employee Reward & Recognition Ideas

As of late, a majority of employers are taking extra measures to reward their employees as well as to recognise the hard work and effort that they put in. The undeniable truth in any work environment is that employees are the company’s biggest and most valuable asset, and if it wasn’t for the employees, routine operations would cease and the company wouldn’t have managed to get this far.However, many employers somehow overlook the importance of employee recognition due to their own selfish needs, but they forget that their employees are not robots. In fact, they are just as human as the employer. It is unfair and inhumane to treat the … [Read more...]

How Small Businesses can Easily Manage Bacs Transfers

Bacs Transfer

Bankers' Automated Clearing Services (Bacs) is a payment system that is used to process different forms of electronic payments. The central payment systems cater to Direct Debits and Direct Credits. Such a system can be used by small businesses to process pensions, tax credits, payroll, state benefits, etc.Before the rampant popularity of Faster Payments, Bacs was the popular payment process in the United Kingdom to make online, phone or physical payments.With Bacs, you can opt for Direct Debit and Direct Credit offering greater convenience to businesses enabling them to make transaction directly to the bank account electronically. … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Save When Purchasing Commercial Insurance

commercial insurance

When opening or operating a small business, the owners of those businesses have many responsibilities. One responsibility they may not be very fond of is purchasing commercial insurance. In most states General Liability and Workers’ Compensation Insurance are required by law. General Liability will cover your business when injuries occur on your property, to customers and third parties who might be on the property. Workers’ Compensation will cover your business in the event of an injury occurring to one of your employees. Workers Comp will provide medical costs and some lost wages while your employee is not able to work. These two coverages … [Read more...]

How Does Compensation Insurance Work?


Explaining Worker’s Compensation Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance that employers are obliged to purchase in many countries. This comes under measures taken by regulatory authorities to ensure health and safety of employees at work.Under worker’s compensation insurance, an employer provides monetary benefits to a worker who gets injured or disabled due to an accident at the workplace or anywhere where the worker’s presence was in connection with work. The amount paid usually covers all medical expenses, including the bills of doctors, medical procedures or surgeries, medications, therapies or any other item the doctor finds … [Read more...]

Work Related Stress

Courses on stress

When it comes to workplace health, physical well-being is the main area we tend to look at. However, mental health is just as important. When the workload gets too much, individuals struggle and find it hard to cope as more and more demands are placed on them. Work related stress is a significant cause of illness and is links to high levels of illness, staff turnover, and errors on the production line. Stress does not pick and choose who it affects. It can hit anyone at any level. Stress is not an illness, however. What can be seen as stressful to one person can be seen as normal to another. As a manager or team leader you have a duty to … [Read more...]

The Ever Evolving Trends in Digital Marketing

The world is constantly changing in a digital platform and along with it, the trend for marketing and promotion of products. To sustain, you need to be aware of the changes that are happening in digital media. While you are trying every possible means to make your product visible online, the constantly updating Google algorithms is somehow interfering with the ranking of the page. To maintain this, you need to implement certain strategies all the time. How do you achieve this? It needs a professional approach.While you can take help from an agency, you can do it on your own as well. No one better than you, can understand your business, … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Study Business Management

business management

Having a skillset pertaining to business management can lead to a lucrative career. This is the most common reason why people opt for it. While career is a very important factor, there are other advantages too. What are they? To know more, just read on!Getting admission to business management courses can be done right after the completion of 10+2, as an undergraduate program, or after graduation. There are many specializations that one can opt for, in the middle of their career. Business management courses can be taken as a regular one, program, or even as a distance education study. Either way, it is going to enhance your career … [Read more...]

Smart Ways to Invest Profits from Your Small Business

binary options

Diversification is an important part of any aspiring entrepreneur’s portfolio and is a vital way of building a degree of shock resistance into one’s business structure. Diversification means that if one area of the portfolio fails, it does not necessarily spell the end of the entire venture. While most money from your small business will inevitably be funneled back into the business in order to cover the day-to-day running costs, staff salaries, stock, etc. the profits remaining are yours to do with as you see fit. And, you have a number of options in terms of investing those profits and potentially growing them exponentially. New … [Read more...]

3 problems to avoid when dealing with seasonal staff

hiring staff

Hiring seasonal staff is crucial for many businesses to get them through busy trading periods. Whether you’re looking for extra bar hands, more call centre operators or additional retail staff during the summer or in the run-up to Christmas, getting temporary workers in can be a cost effective management strategy.However, just because they’re a short-term solution to your staffing problem, that doesn’t mean you can cut corners. Hiring unsuitable people is always bad for business. Remember that customer facing staff represent your company – a bad impression may mean unhappy customers and a loss of revenue. What’s more, the wrong temporary … [Read more...]

How to Keep Valuable Employees


Small businesses rely heavily on the dedication of their most valuable employees, which is why keeping hold of influential team members is essential for the success of the company.No one person is greater than the team, that needs to be said from the off, however, it is important to reward valuable members of staff and let them know that their hard work is appreciated. In every successful team, there is at least one or two experienced hands guiding those more inexperienced in terms of the business.These employees are leaders, regardless of their job title, and small businesses would notice their absence. So, how do you ensure that you … [Read more...]

The Essential Information on Background Checks Every Small Business Needs

background checks

Background checks can be a valuable tool for small businesses if they know how to properly utilize them. Here is some basic information that you need to know so that you can use background checks properly in your small business. 1. Background Checks Must Be Done Legally. It is important when using background checks in your business to do so legally. You cannot discriminate in selecting individuals for background checks. Race, religion, sex, disability, etc. cannot legally factor into your decision to utilize a background check. A good rule that can save you a lot of trouble is to treat everyone equally.When using background checks, you … [Read more...]

5 Digital Invitation Etiquette Tips for Small Businesses

Digital invitations

Digital invitations have become popular in the business world. If you create a business event to expand your network, you can send digital invitations instead of printed cards. Digital invitations have various benefits that include low costs and convenience. You can reach all your guests with a few clicks and wait for reservations. However, your guests may not respond to your invitation if you use the wrong approach. You must learn the etiquette for digital invitations, especially for formal events, before shifting from conventional invitation cards. Read on for some tips on how to use digital invitations. 1. Watch Your Language Most … [Read more...]

Earn Higher Revenues by making Your Smartphone a Crucial Part of Your Business

Managing a small business entirely from your mobile phone is not as far-fetched as it sounds. The power our small handheld devices have is quite extraordinary if you think about it. If you're running a small business, here's how to use this power to your advantage to manage and grow your business and ultimately increase your bottom line.Stay on Top of Communications Smartphones are an integral part of business communication. We can check and respond to email, conduct voice and video calls, prepare documents and presentations, and plan our business trips all in one place.Never Miss a Message Small business owners who are … [Read more...]

Adwords Bidding Strategies for Small Business

Google AdWords is paid advertising, also known as pay-per-click (PPC). Whenever someone searches for something on Google, Google mines through its AdWords advertisers' pool to figure out whether there will be an auction. If you want your site, or a post, to rank for "bunny slippers" then you would bid on that keyword phrase with other advertisers.The auction is then triggered when one or more advertisers bids on a specific keyword. Although, keywords are not search queries. To illustrate, a keyword such as "pet collar" can be entered into an auction for search queries such as "cat collars" or "dog collars." Once you determine the keyword … [Read more...]

Why You Should Use Facebook for Business

facebook for small business

When Facebook first launched, it was created to enable people to communicate with their social network easily. Originating at a college and then being rolled out worldwide, founder Zuckerberg probably had a good idea that there would be plenty of financial opportunities if it succeeded, yet even he couldn’t have dreamt it could have achieved what it has today.Facebook has grown so big that there are now 1.94 billion active monthly users. It is statistics like these that has led to many businesses utilizing Facebook to generate business leads. When you consider the amount of time that people spend on Facebook, for some they will be on … [Read more...]

Simple Strategies That Will Keep Your Small Business Growing

small business growth

Starting your own business can be very rewarding. However, it can also be quite stressful. One of the best ways to combat work-related stress and keep your company going and growing is becoming strategic in your approach to the business-building process. Below you'll find just three of many strategies you can implement to keep your small business on the road to perpetual expansion:Utilize Online Advertising Services.One great strategy that can keep your small business moving forward is using online advertising services. These services will help you share your brand with online audiences, thereby ensuring that you are connecting with … [Read more...]

Advice from a Professional on Getting Clients to Pay on Time

There is no cast iron guarantee that every client will pay at all, let alone on time. Sometimes non-payers just want to see if they can get away with it, other times they will have been overrun by circumstances and the issue can be resolved.Organisation, communication, and clear terms of service make sure everyone is working from the same balance sheet, and give you the best chance of getting paid on time.Here are some tips on setting up your systems, and some advice about what to do when things go wrong.Know Who Owes WhatYou can’t get paid if you don’t know what people owe you. From the outset, set up a system whereby you … [Read more...]

How To Teach The Next Generation Faith-Based Basic Business Principles

Faith in small business

Teaching the next generation basic business principles is essential in any type of faith-based curriculum for school-aged kids so they can succeed in the business or small business world and still have their faith, whatever faith they have. Understanding how business works opens their minds to broader possibilities on how to earn a good living when they grow up. These principles can be used with equal felicity by those seeking to be excellent employees and those wanting to become entrepreneurs.Spiritually minded youth brought up in the Christian tradition have the benefit of being more motivated in any business than those who have little … [Read more...]

Why the Dollar May Perform Surprisingly Well For Small Businesses

US dollar

It is indeed interesting to observe how fickle the Forex markets can be on occasion. Of course, this is one of their major attractions. Fluctuations and speculation will both combine to contribute to an overall liquid environment; allowing short-term traders to enjoy a healthy income if they predict such movements correctly. The United States dollar has been the focus of many currency traders since the election of Donald Trump. While some predicted a decidedly gloomy scenario, it seems that we have avoided such an eventuality (at least up until this point). Why has the dollar continued to perform well in relation to its international … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Take Your Startup To The Next Level


Perhaps you started as an online home business and it morphed into something big enough to hire people and build a small business around. Perhaps you came up with a brilliant idea, created a prototype, and got funding to launch a business. Regardless of how you started, it’s important to continue to push ahead and grow your business.You have to keep up the momentum because now is not the time to rest on your laurels. You have to continue to expand your business and reach even loftier goals.With that in mind, let’s take a look at some ways to grow your business to the next level:Update your technologyIt’s difficult to stay … [Read more...]

Understanding Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 

chapter 7

For most of us, being in debt to some extent is a part of life. Indeed, whether we have a mortgage, car payments, a student loan, a struggling small business -- and the list goes on -- owing money is often the norm, rather than the exception.However, there may be times where debt ceases to be manageable and tolerable, and turns into a crisis that is emotionally overwhelming and financially unsustainable. While this is obviously an unwanted and welcome scenario, there may indeed be some light at the end of the dark debt tunnel. And the fastest, safest and smartest route to get there could be by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.About … [Read more...]

Should Your Next Small Business Sign be LED or Aluminum?

Office sign

What’s in a business sign? Well, when it comes to the bottom-line, there’s a lot more in your business sign then you’d think!For example, a study by FedEx found that 8 in 10 customers entered a store or business for the first time based simply on their favorable impression of its sign. Another study at the University of California discovered 60 percent of businesses that improved their sign (either by enhancing its visibility or replacing it altogether) reported an average 10 percent uptick in customers, sales and profitability. And perhaps the most compelling benefit of all: business signs are very cost effective. The cost has been … [Read more...]

Believe Direct Mail Surveys Are Dead? Think Again!


In today’s hyper-connected, small business, digital world, the idea of sending direct mail surveys may seem about as innovative and forward-looking as sending up a smoke signal, launching a carrier pigeon, or taking a nice buggy trip to the train station to send a Morse code telegraph (and of course, stopping by at the General Store for some penny candy and saying hello to the Waltons and the Ingalls).Apparently however, rumors of the demise of direct mail surveys have been greatly exaggerated. According to Communications For Research, a leading market research firm that leads more than 700 projects a year for clients nationwide, here are … [Read more...]

4 Proven Ways to Save Money on Freight Costs

Whether you are at the helm of a dynamic small business startup or an established enterprise, the fact remains that among your top priorities -- it may even be burned into your job description and performance review template – is to identify ways to “do more with less.” And one of the simplest, smartest and most strategic ways to achieve this critical objective is by evaluating an area that you may have overlooked thus far: your business’s logistics function and overall freight costs.Why overlooked? Simply because like many managers and executives, you may believe that your freight costs – both inbound and outbound -- are more or less … [Read more...]

Trends that are shaping franchises and why they’re so popular

 Franchises account for almost 4 percent of all Australian small businesses. Despite the sluggishness of the wider economy, Australia’s franchise sector performed well in 2016, with the Franchise Council of Australia’s (FCA) biennial survey reporting a $146 billion annual sales revenue, up from $144 billion in 2014.Today’s franchises are eyeing off overseas markets as means for expansion. However this entrepreneurial development is still strongest close to Australian shores with New Zealand as the most favoured location for those who are franchising internationally. The FCA notes that 32% of Australian franchise brands are … [Read more...]

The Role of Quality Equipment In Small Business Success

In the information age, it is easy to think that everybody's business is simply an electronic entity. With so much e-commerce, social media activity, and website work, it's no wonder we get that impression.But of course, it's not true. There are still many businesses out there that perform real services and produce tangible products. To complete those tasks, they need real equipment.This is where many entrepreneurs wander off the path. There is always a balancing act for owners and managers between spending more than they need to and less than they should. Equipment is notorious in this regard. Not only is there the issue of initial … [Read more...]

The Key Elements of PPE Small Businesses should be aware of

The likelihood is that most of you reading this blog will be here for the right reasons, but for those of you expecting a discussion of the popular interdisciplinary degree course of philosophy, politics and economics (PPE), we suggestyou leave now. This blog may be called Thought Reach, but we’re going to limit the reach of those thoughts to the world of small business health and safety for now!What is Personal Protective Equipment?In the field of health and safety, the term PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment, which is equipment designed to protect employees against health and safety risks at work. This includes … [Read more...]

Small Businesses Stay Organized with Self-Storage Units

Self-storage units have become more and more popular over the last couple of years as they fill some amazing purposes in terms of keeping various items which one wants to keep safe and sound for a period of time. These units are perhaps the safest bet when it comes to storage but they come with added benefits.Such units like the M60 Self Storage are not only cost effective but are also efficient in terms of keeping valuable items as safe. Small businesses can find the perfect storage unit easier than ever since they can be found all over the internet.Small Business Owners’ DelightSelf-storage units can be regarded as a lifesaver … [Read more...]