Beating the Overload Problem as a Small Business Owner

small business overload

No-one who starts their own business could be under any illusion that it’s going to be easy, stress-free, and plain-sailing from the word go. If it was, many more people would be doing it, and succeeding. In fact, being a business owner is hard work, full of potential for stress, and can be a steep learning curve when plans don’t work out as you anticipated. For a good few entrepreneurs, the challenge of overcoming these difficulties is part of the attraction, and they relish tackling whatever is thrown at them. But no matter how capable you are of dealing with everything that is required of you, you will still suffer a degree of overload if … [Read more...]

Small Business Color 101: The Difference Between CMYK & RGB

color spectrum for small business

For any creative type or small business entrepreneur, understanding basic elements of design are a necessity. The internet economy is practically run on visual imagery, so knowing the basics of digital color spectrums are a great way to stay on top of design basics and make sure you’re executing your designs properly.Knowing the differences and importance of the CMYK vs RGB color spectrums is super helpful when it comes to creating artwork. In our case, the outcome of custom labels greatly depends on what spectrum you use, so we’re going to share some of the digital and print design basics so the next time you’re sitting in front of a … [Read more...]

Why Employee Training Is So Important For Successful Small Businesses

small business employee training

If you've ever found yourself running a small business, you're likely going to want to find ways to make sure not only it's sustainable, but it's successful as well. Chances are, you're going to think of ways to improve on your services or products, or even your branding - but perhaps where it matters the most is in your operations. Specifically, your employees. If you want your business to succeed, you might want to focus on their training. That's right, this is something you may actually be able to pull off.However, let's begin with a few statistics. Businesses in the United States alone lose as much as $500-billion annually because of … [Read more...]

5 Must-Know Things Before Moving Your Small Business

moving your small business

Moving your small business into a new location can be evidence of how your business is thriving and growing. You might be moving because the number of your employees or the traffic of customers you’re receiving on a daily basis can’t be accommodated in your current office space. Moving your small business to a better location can also improve your brand in the long run. This brand can become the reason why you’ll be able to entice more customers, shareholders and new employees. However, before you can experience all of these benefits, you should be able to move your small business successfully. Any mishap along the way can adversely affect … [Read more...]

How to Know if Your Freight Broker is Legitimate

small business freight broker

In the logistics industry, many small businesses, carriers and suppliers use freight brokers as intermediaries to help with securing the best possible shipping options and cost. Freight brokers can also assist small businesses with navigating state and federal transportation and logistics regulations, as well as the appropriate reporting and paperwork needed to meet these requirements. However, with more than 13,000 licensed and bonded freight brokers in the US alone, finding the best-fit help can be a challenge. Additionally, not all companies or individuals holding themselves out to be licensed freight brokers are, and this can expose your … [Read more...]

How Time & Attendance Software Can Help Small Business Owners

Time and attendance software

What is time & attendance software? At the lowest resolution time and attendance software is a system that requires employees to manually clock in and out of shifts. Businesses use it, so they can optimize the hours their employees work and pay them more accurately. Is it micromanaging?   It is reasonable to assume requiring workers to manually clock in and out of shifts and breaks can send the message their manager doesn't trust them enough to report the hours they work accurately.  Some managers are hesitant to use time and attendance software because they fear their employees will resent them. In industries like … [Read more...]

Top Investment Tips for Your Small Business

small business investments

If you feel that your small business is stalling and have some money set aside that you are looking to increase and hopefully make a profit on in the process, then you may want to consider which investment options will work best for your small venture. Depending on the time and type of return that you are looking to obtain, then there are a variety of different options open to you. However, it is vital that you remember that these are also higher risk, meaning that you could lose your investment overnight. If you are willing to take a chance, then these options could meet your business needs, and see you earn some extra income also.Choose … [Read more...]

Top Ways to Grow Your Small Business, Fast

grow your small business

Small businesses do not equate to small successes. If you have a small business, there are plenty of ways in which you can grow your company. By expanding expertise, services and client outreach, you can ultimately help increase client satisfaction and overall profit. Better yet? You can do this quickly.Small businesses and teams should not be limited by their size. In fact, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your small business can grow but stay true to its roots, ensuring that both employees and clients are satisfied with the quality of work your company provides. There’s no need to compromise when it comes to sticking to your … [Read more...]

3 Things You Should Do Before Accepting Checks from Your Customers

small business checks

As a small business owner, you already know the perks of offering multiple payment options to your customers. Being open to new payment modes allows you to stay relevant and it ensures customers are never turned back just because they were not carrying enough cash. From corporate food cards to payment wallets, seasoned business owners are often quick to incorporate new payment modes.While new payment modes are getting integrated, accepting check payments is slowly losing its popularity. It’s not hard to find local stores with banners displaying messages like “sorry no checks accepted” or “we don’t accept checks.”The inconveniences of … [Read more...]

Under Construction? 5 Methods for Evaluating Concrete Strength

small business cement pouring

Concrete is used extensively in the building trade; often as the foundations for buildings and even as the entire structure. If your small business is undertaking a construction project, this article will help you know that the mixture is right. A poor or weak mixture is likely to remain soft while too strong and you’ll find that the concrete dries out and cracks easily.This is why you need to have your concrete inspected regularly. One of the best methods is a corrosion control inspections which ensures the concrete is still performing as well as it should.There are 5 key methods for on-site evaluation of your concrete strength: … [Read more...]

How Your Small Business Can Benefit from Content Marketing

Content marketing for small business

Compelling content is the most effective tool your small business can use to reach out to prospects and customers. More than 60% of online consumers rate content as the factor that helps them make smarter product choices, with over 80% of people preferring to read a series of sponsored articles than an advertisement.If you don’t have an effective content strategy in place, your business is leaving money on the table. Publishing articles on your blog, guest posting on authority sites, and creating captivating social media posts will drive a flood of traffic to your site. Here are 5 reasons why your business needs a content strategy. … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Choosing a Payroll Service

small business payroll

Any organization, whether large or small, needs an adequate payment system to ensure that employees get the right pay. Other functions that these systems can do include deducting taxes, hiring new workers, terminating others, and data entry.Before online cloud systems came into place, manual systems were the way to go. The payroll department had a difficult time figuring out everything; in fact, it was time and energy consuming. This article provides vital tips that could help you ease the task of finding the right payroll service.The cost of servicesThe question about price comes before you request any services. You need to … [Read more...]

4 Things That Happen When Your Small Business Gives Back

small business donations

Running a small  business is a taxing responsibility. Even if you love what you do—which you probably do—it can be overwhelming to manage all of the components of your corporation. It is easy to get focused on profit and profit alone with little consideration given to the other parts of your role. As a business owner, you should be concerned with far more than just profit, though. You should also be focused on ensuring that the impact you have is a positive one. One way to accomplish this is to get your company involved in charitable giving.As the owner of a business, you have the power to make a huge difference through involvement with a … [Read more...]

7 Apps You Need When Running a Startup Business

apps for small business

The decision to begin a startup business is exciting and stressful. Managing one involves an extensive to-do list, excellent management skills, and the ability to track many different aspects. In today’s society, technology is a prime opportunity to make this endeavor easier to handle. Sifting through endless app options for managing a startup business should be the least of your worries, so instead, here’s a list of apps essential to running a startup business.Scan It For a business on the go, Tiny Scanner can be a lifesaver. It is a mobile scanning app that allows you to scan and convert documents to PDFs from your phone. From one page … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs an SEO Professional Today

search engine optimization for small business

In order for your small business to rank highly in search engines, search engine optimization marketing is important. One way through which an online small business can create more awareness of their products, get more traffic, and convert the traffic into sales is through SEO strategy. You may find out more information on SEO online here You will benefit from doing SEO marketing for your online business.Here are 5 Reasons why you should hire an SEO professional today:SEO professionals can help you avoid costly mistakesYou can avoid some SEO mistakes that are made online … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Choosing a Good Law Firm for Your Small Business

small business legal representation

Finding a good legal representative for your small business can be a challenging experience. At a time of desperation, the representative may take advantage of you. It can also be frustrating to get a poor representative that leaves you in trouble and with a tarnished name. Law firms are your best chance to stay out of jail with a clean reputation but can also be your ticket to jail if you choose wrongly. If you are looking for representation, whether for your small business, for a friend or relative, you need the best of the best. Below are some of the tips that will help you in your search for a good law firm:Experience. When choosing … [Read more...]

Business Franchising: Is Your Small Business Ready?


If you’re a business owner looking to expand your business, it’s likely that you’ve considered a lot of options on the table - and one of them might be business franchising. Of course, deciding whether or not business franchising is for you can’t be decided in a snap. If you feel as though you’re stuck in this question, perhaps this article can give you the nudge you need to make a choice that can hopefully steer your company towards the right direction.If you feel as though franchising might be for your business, it might be important to look at a few statistics first. Interestingly, according to data, there are around 3,000 franchisers … [Read more...]

Marketing 101 for Pump Companies


How to get your business noticedThe key to running a successful small business is marketing. You may think it is having a great product and this certainly helps. But, the best product in the world will not give you a successful business if no one knows about it!Getting your marketing right is as essential as having the right business traits. It doesn’t matter if your selling dewatering pumps or key chains; you need to follow these guidelines:Know Your Customer BaseThe first job you need to do is identify your market.This may seem obvious but if you’re selling pumps are you looking for individual customers or large … [Read more...]

How to Open Your Small Business While Juggling a Career and Home Life

small business

Taking the next step toward opening your own small business can be time-consuming and difficult but if you can make it through the training period it will ultimately be well worth the stress. Trying to balance working on a new job while working full time and taking care of a family can certainly seem impossible at times, but these tips will help you to thrive in this hectic stage of your life instead of just survive.Manage Your Time WiselyYour time is precious, especially when you have so many different things trying to eat away at it. Make sure that you always try to work as efficiently as possible. Focus on one thing at a time and … [Read more...]

4 Essential Business Applications for Small Business Owners

crm for small business

There was a time when implementing business technology solutions was optional. That time for small business owners has long since passed. Whether you are managing administrative tasks or engaging with customers, technology can help make your business more efficient. Here are four essential business applications for small business owners.Track Your FinancialsIt is imperative for a small business owner to set up an accounting system that can grow with the company. While every accounting software suite will take time to learn, it is best to choose one that is simple enough to use when the company is small, and can be expanded as the … [Read more...]

4 Affordable Investments You Can Make in Your Small Business Today   

grow your small business

Struggling to think of ideas to cost-effectively promote your business? In the online era, you don’t need to break the bank to achieve an ROI. If you believe marketing means you need deep pockets to fund expensive advertising campaigns, think again.All you need to gain more reach, build your brand, and convert more sales, is time and effort. Follow these 4 low-budget tips to grow your company and boost your profits.Guest Post BlogsWhat if you could take advantage of other authorities in your niche by tapping into their audience? Guest posts allow you to do precisely that. Search your niche and review the top 10 websites that … [Read more...]

Reasons Why You Should Take Your Small Business Online 

small business online

Marketing is quite essential for all types of businesses irrespective of their sizes. You would certainly want your small business to grow and develop so that it is able to attain newer heights. Moreover, you would want that your small business reaches a number of customers and gains popularity within a short span of time. For this purpose, some of the most effective marketing strategies are essential which actually help in the transformation of the business. One of the best ways would be to take your business online because the internet is a place that has more than about three billion users over the world. Additionally, there are a number … [Read more...]

How Does Website Design Influence Your Small Business?

website design

Small business owners often underestimate the importance of a good website design not realizing  it has a huge impact on conversion rate and sales.Stanford research show that 75% of people do not think of a business is credible if it has poorly designed website. 88% of users will not return to a website they didn’t like, and 57% of them will not recommend it to their friends. What makes us leave the page once we land there?Infinite scrolling and clicking Too much text Difficulties with navigation Poor UI/UX design Wrong information Abundance of advertising Slow website speedIt takes consumers only about 50 … [Read more...]

4 Website Development Security Practices Your Small Business Must Follow


It should come as no surprise that security is one of the most important aspects of web development for your small business. However, what many people fail to understand is that security is not so much about the technology itself as it is about mitigating risk.There’s nothing that can be built digitally that is 100% secure because there are just too many potential problems. But we can take steps to mitigate the risks associated with assets. Here are a few of the assets that are part of website design:Integrity of Content Site Availability Privacy of Data Consumer TrustWebsite design assets are not physical in nature. … [Read more...]

Tips To Transition From Employee To Small Business Owner

open a small business

Are you sick of working for a boss that doesn’t care? Do you think that you can do what your company does, just better? If so, it may be time to make a move from worker to small business owner. Of course, the process won't be easy, and you will need to get the fundamentals right if you want to succeed.Hire The Right TeamFinding the right staff isn’t easy. Perhaps even harder is keeping them. In its initial stage, your business will need a few dedicated staff to help it grow. That’s why you shouldn’t just pick any old Joe or Jane. Rather you should take the time to source the right talent because your employees could make or break … [Read more...]

Small Business Savings Account: What to Consider When Setting One Up


You may have decided to start a small business. However, you may have been using your personal savings account to finance your business’s day-to-day operations and other expenses. While it might be initially convenient to you, you may, at times, feel the brunt of using your personal savings account to fund your business during tough times. To prevent running your balance down too low, you should open a business savings account and use it for all your business needs. But as it may be your first time to hear about a business savings account, here are some things to consider when setting one up:You might have to open more than one business … [Read more...]

How To Locally Market Your Business With An Event Venue


If you’re aiming to push the boundaries of your digital marketing game for your brand, you’re likely going to take advantage of events for your small business. After all, what better way to make sure you get the kind of leads you need if you invite them over to events yourself? Of course, as easy as the proposition might sound, actually planning for the said event - marketing it much more so - can be extremely challenging, especially if you haven’t dealt with events before. This article will tackle ways on how to locally market your business with an event venue. With the ways below, you’re likely going to have a better take on maximizing your … [Read more...]

Small Business Career Fields That Can Make You Money

small business career

Choosing to work for a small business can be rewarding. Choosing your career is probably the most critical decision you make in your life. All other aspects of your life depend on which career you choose. Not every small business career has same job opportunities or chances of growth. You need to understand and track various industries to save yourself from wrong decisions. Any career evaluation should include pay growth, number of jobs, stress and the satisfaction you get. Including all these factors together, you can choose a perfect career for yourself. A job that keeps you satisfied is the one that allows you to work for a long time … [Read more...]

3 Creative Ways to Make Your Small Business Seem More Fun

small business fun

In business, as in life, we tend to gravitate towards things that entertain us. After all, no one spends their weekends looking for a boring time or raves about a conference that was especially dull. As a small business, it is important that your audience perceives your brand as enjoyable and lively. No matter your industry, you have an opportunity to entertain your customer and mold a brand that puts a smile on their face.Jazz Up Your ContentIn this digital age, it is especially important for every business to produce content regularly. The content you publish will establish the voice of your brand. Therefore, if your content is … [Read more...]

4 Fun Ways to Enhance Your Small Business’s Social Media Accounts


People don't usually go on their social media to shop, they go on to relax after a long day at work or entertain themselves during a tedious dinner party. This might make social media seem like a less than ideal place to invest time into promoting your business. However, there are ways you can make your company's social media page be what social media is supposed to be; fun and engaging.Talk About Something Other Than Your ProductIt may seem counterintuitive, but talking about something other than what you are trying to sell specifically is a very effective strategy. Saying something about the industry, in general, can be a good … [Read more...]