3 Ways To Take Your Startup To The Next Level


Perhaps you started as an online home business and it morphed into something big enough to hire people and build a small business around. Perhaps you came up with a brilliant idea, created a prototype, and got funding to launch a business. Regardless of how you started, it’s important to continue to push ahead and grow your business.You have to keep up the momentum because now is not the time to rest on your laurels. You have to continue to expand your business and reach even loftier goals.With that in mind, let’s take a look at some ways to grow your business to the next level:Update your technologyIt’s difficult to stay … [Read more...]

Understanding Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 

chapter 7

For most of us, being in debt to some extent is a part of life. Indeed, whether we have a mortgage, car payments, a student loan, a struggling small business -- and the list goes on -- owing money is often the norm, rather than the exception.However, there may be times where debt ceases to be manageable and tolerable, and turns into a crisis that is emotionally overwhelming and financially unsustainable. While this is obviously an unwanted and welcome scenario, there may indeed be some light at the end of the dark debt tunnel. And the fastest, safest and smartest route to get there could be by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.About … [Read more...]

Should Your Next Small Business Sign be LED or Aluminum?

Office sign

What’s in a business sign? Well, when it comes to the bottom-line, there’s a lot more in your business sign then you’d think!For example, a study by FedEx found that 8 in 10 customers entered a store or business for the first time based simply on their favorable impression of its sign. Another study at the University of California discovered 60 percent of businesses that improved their sign (either by enhancing its visibility or replacing it altogether) reported an average 10 percent uptick in customers, sales and profitability. And perhaps the most compelling benefit of all: business signs are very cost effective. The cost has been … [Read more...]

Believe Direct Mail Surveys Are Dead? Think Again!


In today’s hyper-connected, small business, digital world, the idea of sending direct mail surveys may seem about as innovative and forward-looking as sending up a smoke signal, launching a carrier pigeon, or taking a nice buggy trip to the train station to send a Morse code telegraph (and of course, stopping by at the General Store for some penny candy and saying hello to the Waltons and the Ingalls).Apparently however, rumors of the demise of direct mail surveys have been greatly exaggerated. According to Communications For Research, a leading market research firm that leads more than 700 projects a year for clients nationwide, here are … [Read more...]

4 Proven Ways to Save Money on Freight Costs

Whether you are at the helm of a dynamic small business startup or an established enterprise, the fact remains that among your top priorities -- it may even be burned into your job description and performance review template – is to identify ways to “do more with less.” And one of the simplest, smartest and most strategic ways to achieve this critical objective is by evaluating an area that you may have overlooked thus far: your business’s logistics function and overall freight costs.Why overlooked? Simply because like many managers and executives, you may believe that your freight costs – both inbound and outbound -- are more or less … [Read more...]

Trends that are shaping franchises and why they’re so popular

 Franchises account for almost 4 percent of all Australian small businesses. Despite the sluggishness of the wider economy, Australia’s franchise sector performed well in 2016, with the Franchise Council of Australia’s (FCA) biennial survey reporting a $146 billion annual sales revenue, up from $144 billion in 2014.Today’s franchises are eyeing off overseas markets as means for expansion. However this entrepreneurial development is still strongest close to Australian shores with New Zealand as the most favoured location for those who are franchising internationally. The FCA notes that 32% of Australian franchise brands are … [Read more...]

The Role of Quality Equipment In Small Business Success

In the information age, it is easy to think that everybody's business is simply an electronic entity. With so much e-commerce, social media activity, and website work, it's no wonder we get that impression.But of course, it's not true. There are still many businesses out there that perform real services and produce tangible products. To complete those tasks, they need real equipment.This is where many entrepreneurs wander off the path. There is always a balancing act for owners and managers between spending more than they need to and less than they should. Equipment is notorious in this regard. Not only is there the issue of initial … [Read more...]

The Key Elements of PPE Small Businesses should be aware of

The likelihood is that most of you reading this blog will be here for the right reasons, but for those of you expecting a discussion of the popular interdisciplinary degree course of philosophy, politics and economics (PPE), we suggestyou leave now. This blog may be called Thought Reach, but we’re going to limit the reach of those thoughts to the world of small business health and safety for now!What is Personal Protective Equipment?In the field of health and safety, the term PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment, which is equipment designed to protect employees against health and safety risks at work. This includes … [Read more...]

Small Businesses Stay Organized with Self-Storage Units

Self-storage units have become more and more popular over the last couple of years as they fill some amazing purposes in terms of keeping various items which one wants to keep safe and sound for a period of time. These units are perhaps the safest bet when it comes to storage but they come with added benefits.Such units like the M60 Self Storage are not only cost effective but are also efficient in terms of keeping valuable items as safe. Small businesses can find the perfect storage unit easier than ever since they can be found all over the internet.Small Business Owners’ DelightSelf-storage units can be regarded as a lifesaver … [Read more...]

Everyday Skills That Can Improve Your Ability to Run a Small Business

As a small business owner, there are many skills that you can develop in order to help you look after and develop your company. Although many of these skills are business-related, developing personal skills that you use every day can also be beneficial to you as an entrepreneur. We’ve listed some everyday skills that all small business owners can benefit from learning or improving. Driving Even though public transport has certainly improved in recent years, driving is still an essential skill to have. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, who may have to travel far and wide to meet with clients, attend events and more, in order to help … [Read more...]

3 Strategies To Recharge Your Career

If you’re a working professional, then career success is something that is often at the back of your mind. But it can often be hard to figure out how to succeed in your career.When you were in school, you probably imagined that getting an advanced degree and working diligently once you got a good job would automatically put you on the fast track to success. Unfortunately, in the real world, things don’t always work that way.While your degree may help you get work in your field and working long and hard may make you feel appreciated in the office, you might quickly discover people who appear less qualified or as hard working as you … [Read more...]

4 Ways Big Data is Revolutionizing the World of Small Business

Big data

The use of Big Data has been revolutionizing the world of business over the past couple of years and indications are that this will continue to grow in years to come. Big Data refers to large volumes of constantly changing data involving all kinds of statistics, which is relevant to many industries and business entities. This data is usually collected using customer surveys, as well as statistics from web browsing by consumers.Have you ever noticed certain ads showing up when you're online, which relate to products that you may have recently researched or even just looked at? That is the result of Big Data and is a form of advertising … [Read more...]

How a student can start his own small business

During the student years a person gets essential information he will use in the future. However, there are individuals that can't wait for the actual finish of university and want to start their business simultaneously. Such people differ with their enthusiasm and have a chance to create surprisingly profitable businesses. In addition, students can save time if they ask Edubirdie to help with academic assignments. Starting a business in college is a decision that can fundamentally change your life. If you feel that you have the desire and determination, read on!The brain is your masterHercule Poirot said that he used only “grey cells … [Read more...]

True leadership in small business

Truly successful businessmen have skills that allow them to achieve the best results. Outstanding businessmen succeed in their projects because of their exceptional leadership skills. They combine their professional skills with features of a leader to run their business. What do we need leadership? It is a way to unite people and lead them to the definite goal. Not every person is able to do it because working with human resources is complicated and requires a range of skills. However, nobody can create a successful business with a lack of leadership skills. If you are a small business owner and you tend to effectively develop your … [Read more...]

Focus of the Future: International Relations

international small business

As a small business owner, one of the challenges you have to overcome is staying up to date with recent changes, new trends and the developing market as a whole. It is a very competitive market, which means any advantage you can gain is an edge worth pursuing.For many business owners, this means finding new, more efficient manufacturing lines. For others, it means tightening the overhead costs further in an attempt to stay competitive. There are even startups whose operations are mostly online to save and reach more customers at the same time. If you want to focus on the future, however, the best thing to focus on is international … [Read more...]

Small Business Ideas for Students

Side income

University is getting more expensive every year. Many students look for ways to make extra money to help them avoid huge student debt. Some get part-time jobs; others try to make money online. But, have you ever considered starting your own small business? Often, people are put off by the idea of massive start-up costs. However, these days, so much can be done online yourself, in a lot of cases you can get started with nothing but an idea and a website. In fact, my own daughter makes student income by selling her own handmade jewelry. Here are some businesses you could start today. Cleaning Cleaning might not be the most glamorous job in … [Read more...]

How to Build a Successful Export Business

small business exporting

Starting a small business is a challenge for anyone, but starting a successful export business is an even bigger feat to accomplish. However, huge numbers of companies are able to overcome the obstacles that exist when you trade with other countries. Below are some of the ways you can ensure that your export business becomes a success. Education and Research First of all, you need the tools and knowledge required to become an efficient, professional exporter. The skills required to advance can be hard to come by, but there are numerous online MBA programs that teach you how to trade on an international stage. A recognized course like a … [Read more...]

Why Every Small Business Owner Needs to Hire an Accountant

small business accounting

Are you a business owner who is hesitant about hiring an accountant? If so, you could be making a big mistake and should seriously reconsider your position on this matter. Every leading business in every industry hires the best financial experts to look after their financial affairs - and this is one of the secrets to their success. Below are the main reasons why every small business owner needs to hire an accountant. Increases Your Financial Knowledge An experienced accountant has a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into. In most cases, an accountant will explain to you in great detail what they are doing and why they are doing certain … [Read more...]

Staying Healthy While Running a Small Business

Owning a small business can be one of the most exciting things in your life. Taking it to success is even more thrilling. Unfortunately, getting there means investing a lot of time and energy. For many small business owners – including myself at one point and perhaps you right now – this means falling into an unhealthy diet and work cycle. Unfortunately, studies compiled by the MSN online department of the University of Arizona confirmed that an unhealthy diet is one of the main causes of diabetes.Pair an unhealthy diet with a lack of sleep and bad habits such as smoking and lack of exercise, and it won’t be long before your pancreas … [Read more...]

Recovering Commercial Debt Without Losing Customers

Recovering Commercial Debt Without Losing Customers

Recovering commercial debt poses particular problems for business owners. On the one hand it is critical to ensure invoices are paid on time to maintain cashflow. On the other hand, chasing outstanding debts via a debt collection agency can rapidly sour a business relationship. Unless great care is taken a customer chased for payment can rapidly become an ex-customer.So what can be done to maintain cashflow but retain existing customers?Treat Each Client IndividuallyBusiness customers fail to pay invoices for a variety of reasons. In many cases these are unfounded; as in the case that companies simply try to avoid paying in order … [Read more...]

Five Small Business Errors and How to Avoid Them

Many small businesses fail because they make certain basic errors. Hard work and a great business idea will not save a company if it makes one of these mistakes. This article reviews five key small business errors and explains how to avoid making them.Small business owners face many challenges. Hard work and perseverance are sufficient to overcome most of these obstacles. However, certain basic business errors can sink any small company, no matter how hard you work. Here are five such errors along with advice about how to avoid them.Lacking a strategic plan. It is not enough to have a strong vision and a wonderful product (or … [Read more...]

Avoid These Small Business Mistakes When Opening a Healthcare Clinic

Healthcare clinic

If you are a health expert working for a healthcare clinic in your area, but you are looking to take your expertise and start your own clinic, you will need to make sure you avoid the common mistakes most people make when starting their own clinics. The last thing you want when starting your own is to have missed important details and once it’s open, you have to close down again because you don’t meet the specific criteria. Have a look at the following information that will help you avoid the mistakes when starting your own healthcare clinic. Don’t Cut Corners When It Comes To Licenses All businesses require specific licenses depending on … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Every Small Business Owner Should Consider Hiring an MBA


It is estimated that business degrees account for a quarter of all master’s degrees awarded in the U.S. MBAs are considered to be a valuable academic qualification in today’s overly competitive job market, and holders of a master’s in business administration degree are in high demand. In 2016, an overwhelming 88% of companies expressed a desire to hire MBA graduates. For young startups and small businesses, hiring an MBA graduate can be highly beneficial. The three main benefit of hiring such a graduate are:Bring a Diverse Set of Skills Individuals interested in applying for an online MBA degree or a normal class-based program must … [Read more...]

Could Sentencing Reform Benefit Your Small Business?

Sentencing reform

A Look at the Potential Benefits of Sentencing Reform According to studies complied by Portland State University’s online criminal justice program, there has been a huge spike in the federal inmate population. There were 24,640 inmates serving in federal prisons back in 1980. That number has increased by a whopping 790%, with over 200,000 inmates serving in federal prisons in 2014. Today, all federal prisons are overpopulated by 25% or more. The main cause of this is the mandatory sentencing received by many non-violent offenders, especially those involved in drug-related cases.A reform is underway to fix the problem. Known as the … [Read more...]

5 Instagram Hacks That Will Boost Your Small Business’s Social Reach


Do you have a small business that is visually oriented? Whether you're an independent clothing label, a pet parlour, a bistro, a florist or a travel agency, the very fact that what you do looks good is a huge asset when it comes to digital marketing – especially in the social media sphere.While B2Bs struggle to create visual content that will appeal to consumers online, you already have fantastic brand-owned content that you can share with an engaged audience with the snap of a smartphone and the touch of an upload button.With 90% of the world's top 100 brands currently running an Instagram account, and user engagement 10 times … [Read more...]

Simple Ways to Boost Your Internet Marketing Results

In a previous post, we explained why your small business website probably needs to be improved, and as you know, there are numerous reasons why your website is not getting the kind of attention and engagement you are aiming for. There are also ways to solve the issues you might be having, many of which involve just a few small changes.Now that your website is optimized and ready for the spotlight, it is time to turn your attention to your internet marketing efforts. The simple tips we are about to discuss in this article will help you gain traction and attract more visitors – and potential customers – effectively. Invest in Ads A lot of … [Read more...]

4 Cash Flow Tips All Successful Small Business Owner Know

You can’t run a business without money, this much is fact.  However, opinions about the best ways to generate, and hold onto money, are almost too numerous to count.  One common misconception is that a business must be profitable to have a good cash position.  While profitability helps, especially in the long run, it is not the most important factor to managing cash.  You might be double taking, but many ‘profitable’ businesses have massive cash flow issues.  To make sure this does not happen to you, I have outlined four cash flow tips all successful small business owners know.Don’t Get Caught Off-guardSurprises happen, and while we … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Website Needs to Improve

Let us say you now have a solid digital marketing strategy. You have social media accounts you constantly use, a significant number of likes, and people leaving reviews. You even made certain company information public by putting it up on registries like the ASIC search in Australia for full transparency. But with how long you have been a company and the number of ads you have up and running, you just cannot seem to rake in more people to visit your website to go through your conversion process.Then you did a little research and found out that blogging might help boost your visibility on the Internet. So you write, and write for months on … [Read more...]

How a Small Business Can Start a Productive Blog in 2017

small business blogging

Blogging is awesome for any small business.You get to showcase your skills to the world in a simple and structured way. A blog can make you famous. It can give you a voice that will help you become an authority in your industry. Do you want to get all these benefits and more, then you need to start a blog that is insanely productive. One that people follow religiously.Starting a productive blog is not just about registering a domain name, getting a wonderful hosting package then installing WordPress. Nowadays, anyone can do that in few minutes. It’s what you do after the set up that matters. So, go ahead and get your blog up, then … [Read more...]

Small Business Owners- Is an Online Degree Program Right for You?

Online degree

One of the most worrisome signs is the fact that college enrollment is down as of May, 2016. Although it is yet unclear whether or not this pattern will hold in the coming years, there seems to be a sense of apathy among young entrepreneurs looking at job prospects for the future. Having just come out of a recession that lasted almost the entire time most college age students were in their teen years, it’s no wonder that they would have such a grim outlook.However, there is some amount of hope as well because a growing number of students are seeking an online curriculum such as an online RN to BSN degree from prestigious universities like … [Read more...]