Step Away From That Donut – Boost the Productivity of Your Meetings

Whenever an important business meeting offers snacks, the choices are almost always the typical sugary pastries and donuts in the morning and greasy pizza in the afternoons. These classic meeting staple foods are no-brainers, cheap and easy to source, but have you ever thought about the negative drain that sugary and fatty foods could be having on the productivity levels of your meetings?Healthy office snacks

Those unhealthy meeting snacks could not only be increasing your waistline, but bringing down your bottom line as well. Many studies have shown that employee eating habits are directly related to work performance and that eating unhealthy snacks during work can lead to decreased productivity, difficulty concentrating, irritability and lethargy. On the contrary, healthy employees will be faster, more focused, more creative and better able to contribute their best work for the company.

When you are leading a meeting, it is up to you to decide what sort of snack to provide. Healthy food doesn’t have to be too much more expensive than junk food, so look for a large discount party platter of veggies and dip at the super market or consider buying nuts and raisins in bulk. When you see the difference in productivity it makes, you will consider the effort well worth it.

Offering Healthy Snacks Instead

Instead of filling your employees up with sugar, fat and caffeine whenever you gather them together for a meeting, try offering them some healthy snacks that will provide them with long term energy rather than a short sugar high followed by a sluggish crash. Here are a few suggestions for foods that you can serve your employees at your next meeting that will improve their performance, energise their brains and keep them focused and on track for the rest of the day:


Pass around a bowl of almonds at the next big business meeting as these super little nuts are great for increasing brain power. They are believed to help improve memory because they contain Omega 3 fatty acids. Walnuts are another delicious nut that contain Omega 3’s and are also a great source of protein. Of course, always make sure to check whether anyone in the workplace has an allergy before serving nuts at your meeting.


If your meeting participants are looking a bit sleepy, hand them some raisins. These tasty little snacks are very high in energy and unlike donuts; they will give a much more sustainable energy boost because they contain complex fruit sugars rather than processed white sugars. Also, they are low in fat and calories and they contain healthy antioxidants.

Green Tea

Offer green tea as an alternative to coffee at your next meeting. It is incredibly healthy and is full of antioxidants. It strengthens your immune system, which will mean that there will be fewer sick days taken in the workplace!


Instead of offering greasy bags of crisps and crunchy snacks, serve a fresh platter of vegetables with a low-fat dip. It is a satisfying mid-afternoon snack for hungry meeting participants and if it contains carrots, these healthy orange veggies will provide a steady supply of glucose for sustained energy.

When you start to offer healthier options for snacks in your meeting rooms, your employees will not only appreciate the positive effect that it will have on their work performance but they might even see themselves slimming down as well. It can be difficult to keep off the pounds with a sedentary office job, so encouraging healthy snacking can really make a big difference.

So what kind of delicious and healthy snacks will you serve at your next business meeting?

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Aimee Coppock is a London-based business writer. She covers several small business topics and has been published widely on both U.K. and U.S. blogs.